An Interview With Radio Host Harry Johal

carry on

Harry Johal hosts the radio show Carry on Harry; here is a link to his website:


Q:  What inspired you to start your show?

A: Several reasons to that where should i begin from. And its a passion first to talk to people and get to know more about them. Especially what excites me is to

understand what is story behind them being so successful in field.  Right information coming from people who have dedicated their life in one particular field . All these year they had been doing research to get to the core of the solutions for problems that people face. I also choose to be a talk show host because we always love talking and knowing people. Its my LOVE to do talk Shows and to fall in love has no reasons. My mission is to help people succeed in life though learning from others. I make sure all my shows has something for my audience to feel inspired about and learn something.

Q:  What kind of professional background do you have?
A: I founded in year 2003 Indian brand of Online Radio Station BalleBalleRadio which is now 13 Years running in operations and has been serving cinema and entertainment industry.

I had been doing Indian celebrity shows with Indian film fraternity and Asian Artists in UK music Industry. To know me more do pay a visit to  www.CarryonHarry.Com and www.BalleBalleRadio.Com www.BalleBalleRadio.Co.Uk

Q:  What was the most challenging interview you have ever done?

A: Every Interview is a Challenge because every interview has a chance to fail, if it does not meet expectation of Audience, Guest and host. The biggest challenge on CarryOnHarry Talk show I face is to meet these expectations. I depend a lot on my Guests Communication skills and storytelling. I majority of time do not keep set questions for myself. I keep a few facts about guest in mind, his work before i go on the show in my studio. I depend on my listening
skills. I am the first Audience member on my show. I listen to my guest as a curious audience member who is given a license to ask with excitement and  Curiosity in mind. Dealing with celebrity mood , Availability time to connect , Last minute issues , Developing a rapport / Chemistry right from the first Question are some of the challenges that  are part and parcel. Sometimes some guests take time to open up as the talk shows are done via Phone Call and you are connecting to guest for first time so  it really becomes challenge in that way. I had some great experiences and had been able to solve the issues right on the spot with 99% success i would say

Q:  What do you look for in an interview subject?

A: Personality Introduction, Content Introduction, What benefit will it give to my audience ? What will my audience learn from guest talks ? These are basic things I keep in mind at planning the format of talk show. I have done shows with cinema, music , writing celebrities to successful business men , Experts  of fields and those aspects i keep in mind without sounding that we are selling something to audience. Maximum effort is to not sound as an interview but  talks by two individuals aboutsubject matter as viewpoints.

Q:  You hosted a 2015 New Year’s Party, how did you go about putting it together?
A: Touch of Personalized attention to make the attendees feel they are wanted for the occasion. Material Management and other things can be taken care of byprofessionals.
Q:  What do most American’s not understand about Singapore?
A: Its more than a Tourist hub of Asia. Its a community of people who work together in unity. They live with a sentiment of support for a fellow citizen. They
hold love for country through constructive efforts in building the nation as dreamt by Father of Nation Mr Lee Kuan Yew , who passed away recently.

Critics may have a different view but these are the facts that makes and will make Singapore shine always as First World Country with a progressive mindset.
Q:  What kind of research do you do to prepare for an interview?

A: It depends on guest to guest. However basically collate the authentic facts of work in mind before i go on the show. i try to discover the personality on the show.

Q:  Who are some of your journalistic heroes?
A: I have special regards for every individual in media industry. But i hold special regards for Mr Dale Bhagwagar , for being the man who helped me to do my first talk

show episode with his client from US , who visited India to promote her film in Bollywood. Apart from that every Agency that had shown faith and Interest in bringingover guest on CarryonHarry Talk Show are my heroes.

Q:  What kinds of questions do you feel uncomfortable asking?

A: My questions to Talk Show guest are based on my listening as i said. If my guests needs a scope to further express and expects me to ask him , I will ask no matter I subscribe to his/her thoughts or not. However on editing stage i take in consideration that it does not hurt the audience sentiment and over all image of my brand #CarryOnHarry , as i have an audience from different parts of world and some of them may be conservative in mindset to accept a mentality of a far off society. My audience should not feel uncomfortable in listening.
Q:  If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?
A:I have a mindset like a funnel who thrives on seeing all POSSIBILITIES. I have Plans to feature Top most personalities of every field on my show. If you ever
visit personal files of mine you will find that Posters have already been made for personalities who i want to put on Air. I see dreams with Open Eyes
without any doubts and whoever you think is your Idol You will Have him on #CarryOnHarry Talk Show , its matter of time to show you, make you listen but i Already see them , I already communicate to them in mind talks ,i already listen to talks with them in my mind ears.
if you ask me Why ? My Answer is Why not. Let the world know what makes them great minds. I want my listeners to know them from personality side and not just what they do. I call my media platform an inspired media that inspires people to be an Idol and be a performer. I want young minds to feel motivated to be
Someone in life by learning and listening to them. I want my listeners to follow the Blue Print of Success that previous generation has walked over. CarryonHarry means

….. CARRY ON in life , move ahead , go get it.  I invite you into your future on my wall CarryOnHarry.Com  International Talk Show from Singapore.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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