An Interview With YouTuber Danisha Carter


Danisha Carter is a singer, dancer and actress who is about to start her own YouTube channel; here is a link to her Twitter account:


Q: What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?

A: My favorite YouTuber in the world; Swoozie. There have always been the glitzy and glamorous YouTube videos that I liked, but Swoozie was funny and entertaining just being himself, telling stories about his life and including fun cartoons – he proved that you can entertain people without all the special effects. Ever since then I knew I wanted to make videos, I didn’t know specifically how yet – but I wanted to make them. When I figured out I wanted to make singing videos along with other creative ones, I knew that YouTube was a huge platform to really reach people in my own way, so that is what began my YouTube journey.

Q:  How does a YouTube Network, work?

A: A YouTube Network is like a record label with less money, haha. They sign popular YouTube talents to their “label” and you create underneath them and they pay you for it. Some networks are more hands-on than others, supporting you and promoting you, while others are just there to try and take money from you. I won’t say which labels do which, haha.

Q: Why should investors, invest in your network?

A: I miss represent myself when I say I want to start a YouTube netowrk because in reality it’s a channel, only because I’m not signing talent, even though I’ll have a lot of features.

Investors should invest in my channel for a few reasons. The first being, that YouTube and online entertainment is skyrocketing right now. Look at all the budding careers and profit (which is what investors are in for) that have already come from YouTubers just in the pat year, if they want in on that money now is the time to do it. Secondly, I have been doing and studying not only YouTube, but marketing for a long time and have seen how online entertainment works, and I have planned accordingly. I legitimately have every part of my channel outlined in a business plan even down to the timing of when different videos will be uploaded; investors that want to get involved with the online entertainment market will want to go in with a plan and I have that plan. Thirdly, I don’t want to say it’s fool-proof, but the way the channel is set up, there are very limited ways it could fail – I can’t really tell you why without giving things away.

Q:  What kinds of videos will your new channel offer?

A: My channel is going to be the ultimate variety, something for everyone. The main three features will be my singing videos, and two series called People of Vegas and Shops of Vegas. My singing videos are the main focus of the channel because I am a singer and plan to primarily use YouTube to showcase that. The Vegas features I was inspired to include when I moved to Vegas and really saw how crazy, exciting, extravagant and amazing this city is and there are so many people who don’t know that. Shops of Vegas will feature stores that are exclusively here, large hotels here, nightclubs etc. and People of Vegas will focus on the tourists and locals here that are more exciting than the people anywhere else. There will also be a Dance series on there similar to Dance Moms and local dance groups showing their talent, a lot of fashion videos – I’ve partnered with a few Fashion brands that want to get their look out there and it’ll be a great platform for it. A small series called Sundays With Brooke, that’s going to be all about kids in a funny way (similar to the AT&T commercials) and a few more sections focused on different creatives an entertainment.

Q:  Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

A:  Definitely Swoozie, he’s hilarious and humble. Onision is my second one, he is extremely realistic and onest with his viewers and share a lot of the same views I do, everyone likes when people agree with them, right? haha. I also like a channel called Whatever, they do pranks and whatnot so that’s always really entertaining. Other than that, I don’t watch many YouTubers.

Q:  What kind of YouTube videos would you like to see less of?

A: Definitely beauty gurus, gaming, and corporation videos. Gaming videos are like, an easy success in YouTube but they don’t really represent what YouTube is about to me, and I love video games. Just my opinion. And I feel like too many people upload Beauty Guru videos not actually as professionals in make-up firstly, and secondly for what they hope will be quick fame as the next Bethany Mota – it’s over uploaded and over-bearing. I hate, hate, hate corporation pages though, channels like Vevo, Google, Music, generic channels that promote people that are already famous and run extremely long ads etc. could go on and on about why I dislike them.

Q: What drew you to Las Vegas?

A: Las Vegas is extremely cheap to live in ever since the recession. You can get a two bedroom condo here for $800 a month, a nice one too, whereas you can get a two bedroom condo in New York (where I’m from) for $2000 a month. The thinking was and is, that I can put almost all of my money towards making videos as opposed to over priced living expenses. Vegas is also warm, I was running from Winter. It’s also exciting, what ISN’T there to film here?

Q:  What is your weirdest Vegas story?

A: My weirdest Vegas story, there have been a few BUT I think the one that takes the cake would be when I walked into a couple having sex on an elevator. And yes, I got inside. Somehow in my mind, because I had already made eye contact with them, getting into the elevator seemed less awkward than not to me. i don’t know, but it was freeeeaky.

Q:  How would you describe your brand?

A: Real. There will be no smoke and mirrors with this channel. Everything, from the music features and collaborations, to the fashion brands, to the dances, to the tourists will be real and uncut. Just real people with real talent doing what they love, and not changing to impress.

Q:  What kind of a day job or income source do you have and how does it influence your videos?

A: I currently work at Tory Burch, until we start the channel. It influences me not only as a place to shoot for Shops of Vegas, but i meet so many new and different people there on a daily, which reminds me to learn from everyone and that everyone has a story to tell – you’ll see a lot of that in my videos.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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