An Interview With Actor/Singer Frank L. Humphrey III


Frank L. Humphrey III is an actor and singer; here is a link to his website:


Q:  What made you interested in becoming a performer?


A:  What made me interested in becoming a performer was when I first sang in my home church St. Matthew Baptist Church of Jacksonville in Florida. At the age of 7 I sang, I Shall Wear a Crown and after I finished singing the selection the congregation began to clap and holler out like we were at a Football game or something. I knew then, that God gave me something special and it would behoove me that I use it before I loose it.

Q:  How did you come to perform for Michelle Obama?

A:  I came to perform for Michelle Obama through an organization that I became an ambassador for by the name of The Negro Spiritual Scholarship Foundation in Orlando, Florida after I won the male division of their competition. After winning the competition, I was asked to sing in the World Primer Gala in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Portifino Hotel and Resort. Unknown to me,  Patricia Mica the wife of Congressman John Mica attended the event  to hear me debut as a young classical singer and after hearing my performance told first lady Michelle Obama about me and the next I knew I was in Washington D.C. performing at the  First Lady’s Luncheon and  co-headlining the show with Gloria Estefan. Mind you, this was all going on in my senior year of high school!

Q: What kind of training have you had?

A:  I’ve been trained in Classical Piano, Drums, Conducting, Dance(Jazz). I’m also a Classically trained singer studying at The Manhattan School of Music and trained actor studying at The Alan Gordon Studio.

Q: You went to a performing arts school; what is your opinion of Fame?

A:  I went to a performing arts high school by the name of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida for my high school tenure. My opinion on Fame (the show/movie)  is this; It was a television show that was very dramatized for an effect, but the overall lesson of hard work and perseverance while striving for your goal is one that all people should look at as something to aspire to. But I’d also like to comment on the condition of fame. I believe that fame is something that is garnered when one has worked incredibly hard and people around you notice the hard work and tenacity you dedicate to your discipline of study. Fame equals thousands of hours of hard work, tenacity, discipline, humbleness, and an overall strong foundation.

Q: What is the overall theme of your album?

A:  The overall theme of my album is about my New York City experiences.  These include the nightlife scene, relationships, and embracing my pathway to success. I’d like to leave it up for interpretation, my music will tell it all.

Q: Do you think someone can be taught to sing or is it a natural talent?


A:  I think one must have the natural ability to sing and further expand on that natural talent with a voice teacher or mentor to bring the best out of the individual.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

A: My musical influences are Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Toni Braxton, Dirty Loops, Prince, Sandi Patty, Lecresia Campbell and Michael Jackson.

Q: What are some of the things you have done to promote your album?

A:  To promote my album I have hired a publicist (Kayo Anderson of Kayo Anderson Media) to take my brand to the next level and give more awareness to who I am. I’ve also secured the producer who worked on my first single “Late Night Memory” to produce my six song EP!

Q: What was your most nerve wracking on stage experience?

A:  The most nerve wracking experience I had on stage was during a performance of opera scenes of an Italian opera entitled La Rondine by Puccini. I forgot a couple of words and I made up my own Italian that I don’t even think existed!!!!!  It was the most hilarious thing, but I still gave it my all.


Q: What Broadway role could you nail and why?

A:  The Broadway role I could nail is the role of Pippin because we have a similar backstory. We both have tried many different things, and were put through many trials, but I knew deep down inside I wouldn’t be fulfilled if I weren’t doing something that made me happy. So, I trusted God with the entertainment business, and it hasn’t failed me!


Q: What is your opinion of Contests such as The Voice?

A:  My opinion of shows such as The Voice is that it’s great and clean entertainment, but it’s a quick way to stardom and everyone knows if it’s quick it’s not worth it!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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