An Interview with Writer Ralph Greco Jr.

Ralph (2)

Ralph Greco Jr.  is the editor and chief of and the east coast correspondent for the website; here is a link to his website:


Q: When did you know you wanted to be a journalist?

A: I never actually thought about being a ‘journalist’ per say; in fact I don’t feel I even am one. I am a writer and I tend to write for a wide variety of publications, websites and in many genres. Writing music reviews and interviews or being the editor-in-chief at Von Gutenberg are simply writing gigs I love.

Q: What made you want to write about rock music?

A: Again, just my love of writing, I guess maybe wanting my opinion to be heard and having the opportunity to see lots of the classic bands come through the NYC area makes it just perfect for me to get out to smaller shows and see these artists I have always adored…and write about them.

Q: What separates a good critic from a bad critic?

A: I don’t think of myself as a critic; I am a reviewer. I don’t want to be a critic in any way, shape or form because I honestly don’t think there are very many who do it well, or from an informed perspective. In my experience there tends to be too many failed musicians, writers, what have you who become critics to be able to get their griping in at targets that often times they do not even know about….’the bad critic’ in my opinion. A good critic is someone who knows what they are talking about and has knowledge of the history of the subject on their side…but those men and women are few and far between.

Q: What new band are you most excited about and why?

A: Next question please. There aren’t any I am excited about…see there I am not-so-subtly griping!)

Q: What trends in music annoy you?

A: I’d rather see musicians who can play their instruments, performers who understand stagecraft, singers who can go a show without Auto-tune and songs that stand the test of time…so I’d say the current ‘trend’ annoys me.

Q: What inspired you to start Von Gutenberg?

A: I am only the editor-in-chief there. But I have been friends with the CEO of the magazine and website for a half decade now and slowly slipped from sending him stories, to helping out with revisions to now being editor-in-chief…and head luber.

Q: Why do you think fashion is such a popular topic for bloggers?

A: It does tend to change rather quickly and is now more than ever associated with mainstream celebrity culture and blogs speak to this better than most writing currently does.

Q: You say latex is coming into fashion, I have a feeling no one wants to see me in latex. Don’t you have to have a very specific type of body to carry this off.

A: I have seen all body types ‘carry-off’ latex, but yes we do look tend to look for a certain physical aesthetic to the models who appear in the magazine.

Q: What is the most esoteric thing you have ever written about and what kind of research did you do for the article?

A: Probably whether or not dogs can sense bad weather coming. I knew nothing about the subject so had to manage quite the spin around the internet and talk to my dog owner friends. This was a piece I wrote for Caesar ‘Dog Whisperer’ Milan’s website, not for Von Gutenberg or Vintage Rock, of course.

Q: If you could go to a rock concert with H.L.Mencken  or Helen Gurley Brown, who would you pick?

A: It’s less who’d I go with as much as what band could you take either to? I think they’d both be fun though, but I don’t ‘party’ so I fear neither would find me fun, cause God knows Mencken and Brown were stone cold stoners and meth heads, no?

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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