An Interview With Comedian/Actor Arthur Moore IV


Arthur Moore IV is a stand-up comedian and actor who appears in the web-series Love Triangle; here is a link to his Twitter page:



Q: What made you want to be a comedian?

A: I’ve always been a class clown, Im the youngest so Im use to a lot of attention lol.  I like making people feel good before myself and since I was a teenager, I’ve known that i wanted to be in the entertainment world.

Q:  What makes you laugh?

A: Real life, I really love awkward moments. You’re going in for the first kiss and the sparks are flying then you accidentally fart. lmao priceless.

Q:  Who are some of your comedic influences?

A: Chris Rock hands down.  After I watched “bring the pain” I understood it in such a way that I knew I could do it.

Q:  What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence your work?

A: I work as a production assistant, mostly music videos and commercials, but Im getting into the movie area as well.  Just want to learn as much as I can from both sides.  I want to make and build strong relationships and get that opportunity and just make sure I’m ready when it happens.

Q:  How do you deal with hecklers?

A: I haven’t really had hecklers just silence lol but then again I’ve been doing more acting and less stand up so that could be it too lol

Q:  What is Love Triangle about?

A: Love Triangle is a web series about two brothers fighting over the same girl and the girl didn’t know we were brothers.  You’ll have to watch to find out more lol.  Its my first major thing as a co lead.  Im really excited for that to come out.

Q:  What role do you play?

A: Im the older brother who take the girl after my brother leaves her, now that he’s back, she’s having mixed feelings.

Q:  How is Nick similar to you?

A: Nick is similar to me because he always knows more than he lets on.  He’s kind of sneaky lol and so am I… an extent 😉

Q:  What is your strangest Hollywood story?

A: I talked with a guy about a movie she wanted to shoot, like a reverse “American Pie” but with girls, so he’s asking if Im comfortable with nude scenes and talking dirty and Im like yea yea cool.  He wants to rehearse over the phone and I think he was masturbating lmao.  He was really into it and asking weird questions.  So I told him  I had to go and just never called again lol

Q:  You do a stand-up routine about trying to be a thug. Can vegetarians be thugs?

A: No they can’t because they don’t want “beef” for non thugs lol “beef” means you have a problem with someone that could end with violence. horrible joke after I look at it typed out lol.  I definitely have been leaning more toward acting.  Stand up is more, just to get ideas out.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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