An Interview With L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival Founder C.L. Westbrook

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C.L. Westbrook Is the founder of the L.A. Neo Noir Film Festival and the author of  the book  L.A. Neo Noir Film and Script Festival; here is a link to the website:


Q:   What is the overall theme of  L.A. Neo Noir Erotic Film Festival E-Book: Volume 1 ?

A: Immortals love the death out of life.

Q:  What inspired you to compile the anthology?

A: Well I’ve never heard of an arsonist looking at a forest full of trees to say, ‘how about I burn down just one…’

Q:  What made you interested in erotic film history?

A: You’ll have to find that goddamn mosquito buzzing in your ear in the dark.  You’ll have to get your ass up and lay traps and merk that fuck bitch or you’ll know as you sleepit’s sucking all of your blood out.  Erotic film bothers me, irritates me, in that way that won’t let me sleep.  I have to do what’s in my mind it.  It’s 2:27am right now.  See?

I don’t want to fall asleep before it’s too late for the know what I’m gonna say.

Q:  What sort of day job do you have and how does it impact your writing?

A: I’m an apartment manager now.  I am also a roving security officer, who has mostly worked that last few years in a graveyard / mortuary.  Managing a historic landmark and working in a cemetery have all staggered me around the mindset of the old police chanting, ‘we are spirits in the material world’ …I only write ghost stories now.

Q:  What is your involvement with the film festival itself?

A: That’s my sun.  I gave birth to it.  I run it, along with my friends, who wish to remain anonymous…I just decided that for them as well.   Eliza, you are welcome to attend

free of charge.  I can get you in.  I know people 🙂

Q:  What makes Los Angeles a good setting for an erotic book?

A: Herein lies the most surreal most abominable disparity between Beverly Hills Billionaires and Skid Row’s economically traumatized therefore mentally traumatized

transients.  How perverse is this dichotomy? It breeds a depraved hunger to eat someone else’s vomit or force feed them yours…or both.

Q:  Why do you think Fifty Shades of Grey was so popular?

A: Hot successful business people dominate today’s landscape with a hidden secret craving to be dominated and conquered themselves… know White people…

Q: What was the oddest erotic film you have ever seen?

A: That’s the thing.  All of the oddest erotic films I have ever seen are celebrated in my book and in my upcoming festival August 8th.  There’s my hot friend Nora Fabi from Italy, whose work Coffee A Go Go talks about a mob boss’ s undying physical passion for his deceased bride to be.  Nora is one of 60 filmmakers and well over 100 screenwriters  featured in my festivals and in the pictorial ebook that you have to experience for yourself.  All other erotic films outside of our festival are just practice for viewing our films.

Q:  What is the difference between good erotica and bad erotica?

A: Bad erotica makes you want to go watch porn and play with yourself.  Good erotica makes you want to keep watching the characters’ wicked games.

Q:  Why do so many erotic films involve crime?

A:  Because sex is a crime and the greatest sex is always criminal.

Wrong.  Two wrongs don’t make a right, but if  you’re fucking your husband, his best friend, AND  you got sidepiece how is fucking me sending the ‘wrong message,’ baby girl? You’re no baby…and you sure as hell ain’t a little girl…this is a fictional character I’m working on…TO NEO NOIR!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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