An Interview With The Purple Halo Project founder Dustin Craig Cromarty

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Dustin Craig Cromarty is the founder of the literary journal, The Purple Halo Project which has a Kickstarter campaign; here is a link to the website:



Q: What is the Purple Halo Project?

A: The Purple Halo Project is a production of a literary journal called The Purple Halo and an interactive adventure novel titled Chicken Boy and Little Peck Peck Save the World!!!



What makes it interactive is that backers are pledging to be in the novel creating a most unique and profound literary and engaging experience.

This plays out as well in the journal in that the articles within, feature those whom have joined us in the production of this wonderful project as backers/pledgers!

It’s totally awesome!!!

We have such a wonderful gathering hub of producers!

It’s amazing!!!

Encouraging all to delight in the many rewards offered through this project!

Q:  What inspired the project?

A: What a question…

Is that a genie in your lamp?

Do we get three wishes here?

Ha ha…

…Chicken Boy and Little Peck Peck are actual kids!

They inspired it! They are also writing it with us!

It would be fair to say also that the most potent forces in the universe join with us in this project and inspire us as well.

Q:  What is Chicken Boy and Little Peck Save the World about?

A: What a great question!

It’s about true expression!

To quote the first paragraph of the novel

“This is an adventurous tale of liberation, freedom, and happiness.

A story about being able to speak, shine, sing, and above all else, support the inspiration of creative brilliance that is ones birthright, purpose, and most natural expression!”

Q:  You say this is an interactive novel, how can people interact with the story?

A: The Join the Novel Reward on the project page

is how to get a character designed in your honor and actually be an uplifting and cultivating influence in the story of the novel itself.

It’s interactive also in that becoming a producer, meaning a backer or pledger, to the project you interact with it, in that you become a creator of it.

Every backer is a producer of the project!

Q:  What other Kickstarter Projects have you done?

A: This is our first one.

We have been studying Kickstarter for over a year now and have backed over 70 projects.

Some of the projects are just brilliantly awesome and we are so happy to have been a part of their manifestations.

Inspiring and exciting process!

Q:  Why do you like Kickstarter?

A: We love it!

Because it shines the light on the artist, the creator, the inventor, the dancer, the producer, and the realms and processes of inspiration made manifest.

To quote the great Nahko and Medicine for the People “We’re a part of something special.”


Q:  What kinds of stories will you be looking for in your literary journal?

The kinds of stories, articles, and interviews that you will be seeing in the literary journal are also of the stories and inspiration exchanges with the artist, creator, inventor, dancer, producer and the process of creation and craft.

A: What is your opinion of Kickstarter allowing equity stakes in film?

Are they vegan steaks?

Does it come with salad and potatoes?

Yes more potlucks and pow-wows for sure!

Honestly, to truly comment we would require more info but yes to bringing people together. We think Kickstarter has just begun to unfold its wondrous and magical capacities for empowering people to create and produce!

We are open to investor propositions, so sure!

Q: What kind of incentives are you offering to investors?


A: Backers/pledgers rewards to back the project range from playing cards to design and publishing rewards.

You can see all the rewards here;

Q:  What is the secret to a successful Kickstarter campaign?


A: We hope to be able to tell you this in 9 days from now!

Please join us in helping Chicken Boy and Little Peck Peck Save the World!!!

Live now on Kickstarter!

Pledge, Comment, Share!!!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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