An Interview With Model Suzanne Stokes


Suzanne Stokes is a model who has appeared in Playboy and on Frasier and The Howard Stern Show; here is a link to her website:


Q: How did you become involved with beauty pageants in the first place?


A: When I was really little my mom put me in a beauty pageant. I also did some modeling for some local newspapers and had taken a modeling class when I was young. I guess I would have to say my first bikini contest was just for fun. I was probably like 16 and I was at a bar in FT Lauderdale with my boyfriend and I entered a bikini contest just for fun.  I ended up winning 3rd place and some money which I was stoked.  Then I began modeling in Miami and I booked my first audition which was for a Ruffles commercial which I was so excited about. I was living on Chokoloskee Island at the time which was about an hour and a half away from Miami so my dad usually drove me to the castings at first which I am very thankful for.  I booked a Heineken commercial which was filmed in The Dominican Republic, and I met this other girl who was really cool and we began friends. When we were back In Miami, we decided to enter a Hawaiian Tropic contest at the

Cleavlander Hotel  on South Beach. I ended up winning first runner-up and I won some money but you had to go to the next contest in order to get the money so I continued on. It was a fun experience and I got to meet a lot of cool people. I ended up winning Miss Miami and the I won the Top 4 in the USA contest and then I won Most Photogenic in the International contest

Q:  What kind of day jobs have you had and what makes modeling better?

A: I must say that I have never really had a day job.  I was a first mate once on my dad’s airboat ride. I pulled the crab trap up to show the tourist and then I fed the raccoons and gators the marshmallows. They loved those things.   It was cute because the raccoons would come take them from your hand. I would just throw it to the gator though.

Q:  What is your favorite Hef story?

A: One time we were all riding in the limo coming home from the club and a bunch of us girls were hanging out the top of the limo and we got pulled over and I thought that was kinda funny.  I was thinking wow, who would actually give Hef a ticket.  Lol…. But luckily we got away with a warning and continued the fun back to the mansion. Hef is an amazing person.  He is fascinating and has lots of stories that are great.  He is very charming. It was lots of fun back in those days.

Q:  What was the Playboy experience like?

A: The Playboy experience was amazing for me. I had a really amazing time.

Q:  When you went on Howard Stern’s show you participated in something called the tickle post where you were chained to a post, naked and tickled by Mr. Stern. Did they tell you this was part of the show or did you find out when you got there?

A: I found out when I got there.  It was all just random.  At the end of the show, they came around and filmed us while they give us a quiz on random facts. Buffy and I got all the questions right but they didn’t end up showing that part. Lol

Q:  Your website says you are producing a reality show; what is it about?

A: I was a producer on this show called Guts and Glory. It is about the San Antonio Talons. Football

Q:  What is the strangest fan letter you have ever received?

A: I once got this package with locks of hair in it.  Kinda weird I thought.

Q:  What role did you play on Fraiser?

A: I played the Fantasy Plumber.

Q:  If you could change anything about Hollywood, what would it be and why?

A: Less traffic

Q:  What are some misconceptions about nude modeling?

A: Are there misconceptions?

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


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