An Interview With Motivational Speaker and Coach Nate Lindquist




Nate Lindquist is a motivational speaker and coach, here is a link to his website:

Q:  What made you interested in being a motivational speaker?


A: Since I was 6 years old, I had access to the Nightingale Conant library of personal growth resources – among many others.  From books and tapes from Earl Nightingale, ZigZiglar and Wayne Dyer, just to name a few – to the monthly Insights cassettes, of which I couldn’t get enough.  I was (and always will be) a learning sponge and these programs introduced amazing leaders and successes like Tom Peters, Wally Famous Amos and an entire segment from Earl Nightingale called “The Time of the Trains” and “the Strangest Secret”.  Through all of this powerful content, I was captivated by the magical ability that stories had to create a bigger, more inspiring vision in my mind and how it felt to promote expansive thinking in the minds and hearts of others.  My life has been a testing ground for entrepreneurial ventures where I really went for it and learned the power of confidence, certainty and not giving up even when I failed. In my marketing firm I was constantly making presentations and leading brainstorming sessions where my goal was to create a compelling vision and then to influence my team to take action in order to create it… after over a decade of doing this with my team and with client presentations, I realized that it was in those moments where I felt most alive.





Q:  What makes you different from other life coaches/motivational speakers?


A: Every single one of my clients is a genius… there are no exceptions.  Before I work with any new client, I find out if they intend to use it, or blame circumstances and choose to settle.  I only work with clients who want better results like a drowning victim wants AIR. My approach is based on a mindset that I call “ZERO BLOCK”.  I’m exceptional at seeing all of the causes of roadblocks and excuses – when others just can’t seem to see how simple the problem really is.  Example:  We make blocks bigger with time and how we rehearse the movie in our mind of a painful outcome.  Although I do give clients access to new information, my coaching is expressly designed to remove blocks that are always self-created.  My clients will do less and make more progress toward their goals.  My coaching is precise and minimalist.

I’ll absolutely guarantee any client who WANTS to get on the path of their ultimate purpose and their true calling can do so if they fully commit to it when working with me as a coach.  The GIFTS Formula within my Journey Power program literally reveals every person’s greatness that is hidden behind excuses and fear.

When I hear the label “motivational speaker” I always feel that for me it’s important to really qualify that I’m not just a motivational or inspirational speaker… I’m an influencer – committed to empowering my clients and audience to take immediate action. Motivation gets you moving, but a higher purpose and decisive action creates change. My goal is to activate meaningful, profitable and freedom-creating change.



Q:  I am a customer service representative.  What kind of day jobs have you had had and how did they influence your philosophies?


A: Wow, I’ve had some pretty interesting day jobs.  I was a rental car agency assistant manager, a pre-press associate at a print shop, a sign designer, a marketing director, a burger flipper, a drug store clerk and a green house laborer… just to name a few.  These jobs helped me see the world from the perspective that I believe most employees do at times… from the eyes of someone who wants more. At the time, I had the very real sense that all I needed was more money and freedom.  If I could have lots of money and travel to do fun things, then life would be good!  Anyone who restricted my income or my freedom was immediately nicknamed an “A*&” hole boss – and in a few of the cases was the very person who wanted to help me find my freedom by firing me!  My philosophies have grown from the stark realization that “meat and potatoes” success isn’t really about going after money and freedom at all.  The real win is about seeing your work as a “giving system” and getting onto your true higher purpose –not just your purpose for hire. The truly happy employees and business owners have a mindset of a job they “give to” rather than one they “get from”. I’ve been exclusively self-employed for about 14 years and the more I shift my daily focus and actions to giving my best and working on the areas of my genius; doing LESS with massive focus, the more wealth, freedom and meaning I experience in my life.




Q: How did you go about establishing yourself as a motivational speaker/life and business coach?


A: I was invited to speak a few times about marketing due to the success and visibility of my agency.  Although the first few times were a bit “shaky” in my mind, I really found a flow that I didn’t realize I had.  It was like when I started speaking I just seemed to sense what it would take to move the crowd and inspire them.  I began adding “business and results coaching” to my marketing contracts under a new brand that I called “Innerspire” and then in a very short amount of time realized that the value my clients were getting and the ROI I was getting were both the highest in the realm of coaching services, rather than marketing.  I basically moved from selling “shiny things” such as websites, logos, brochures and other strategic advertising and design projects, to offering strategy calls where my former marketing clients began asking me to continue coaching them as a part of my services.  To accomplish this, I then began offering what I called, “Contract CEO Services” which blossomed into becoming a trusted advisor at the highest level, rather than a provider of marketing “stuff”. In a short time, it became quite clear to me that my own greatest breakthroughs in business were derived from my personal life changes.  By thinking and behaving differently, I began to see pointed improvements in my business results as well.  So, I offered the personal coaching to a few clients and they were glad to sign on for a second service agreement, at which point, we would have life coaching sessions that in time became “results coaching” and covered life and business, which I believe are truly one and the same.



Q: What kind of educational background do you have?


A: I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in commercial design and illustration from Notre Dame College.  Other than that, I’ve got a Doctorate from the school of hard knocks!  My early business ventures, starting at about 9 years old and then my illustration and marketing work, starting at 16 all showed me how to learn, access information and organize my thoughts.  My ongoing learning is derived from a constant diet of seminars, books, online training programs and practical application of what I learn.






Q: What is your core philosophy?


A: My core philosophy is this.  We all have a powerful calling that is our higher purpose.  By facing our greatest fears and serving that calling, despite the challenges it creates we will access a level of freedom, wealth and meaning in our life beyond what we can currently envision with a “normal” approach of trading time, life and effort for material wins, money or self-serving acquisitions. Bottom line – we have all the resources, power and capabilities within us to create the circumstances we LOVE rather than settle for becoming the effect of circumstances.


Q: Your website states “As a coach … he was instrumental in

relaunching a small oil company to over $500k in new profits in

under 3 months, doubled the ticket sales to a NASCAR speedway in

just 27 days.” Who was the small oil company, what was the

NASCAR speedway and how were you instrumental?


A: The small oil company was Putnam Fuel Company, Inc. and the Speedway was NHMS.  My work with the oil company was focused on discovering the key frustrations and roadblocks keeping the company from growing.  After taking them through the Journey Power program and specifically the Excuse Removal Blueprint process, we determined that at their core they needed to shift all of their marketing, branding and even internal processes to focus on delivering what they were most passionate about and who they really are – not the average industry clone that most oil companies become after nearly a century in the same business! I helped my client realize that they didn’t need to remain mired in the traditional “oil business” – which was becoming mundane and dull to them as a commodity business, but rather the family moments business – which opened up a series of fun, creative and customer attracting initiatives that would otherwise never have been reasonable or possible.  By restructuring what I refer to as the “ideal business experience” and systematically removing obstacles to growth, we were able to increase the owners’ enthusiasm for the work they were doing.  Also, we increased the marketing reach, making a promise of more energy for family moments – which drove new customer sales quickly.


Q: Your website says you were making six figures within several

months of starting your coaching business.  What was your

business model?


A: My first coaching business model was offering monthly fee based coaching services scheduled based on taking clients through workshops organized around their top frustrations.  As an example, one of my clients was struggling to grow his financial business services company. My program for this client started with the same workshop (for personal and business clients) I always begin with which is a discovery workshop where we challenge the client to explore the 6 elements of the GIFTS® Formula.  This gives us an excellent picture of the value the client already brings to the market.  All of my coaching begins with asking great questions and challenging clients to think bigger and explore alternative business models – often counterintuitive to the practices common in their industry.  In time, I shifted my coaching model to annual group coaching, where I mentor and coach often up to 18 or 20 clients during one weekly webinar style training.  Then, I give them exercises to do between the weekly calls.  Most of my new clients begin our relationship with what I refer to as a “truth call” so we can bring out some of their more obvious problems, frustrations and pains – many of which tend to be caused by limited thinking rather than actual circumstantial problems.


Q: What have you done to promote your business?


A: I spent most of my initial marketing efforts contacting clients from my marketing business.  Then, I spoke at events on other people’s stages and was able to give value to people who I hadn’t even met or done business with at zero cost to them.  This has always been a sure way to gain a list of new client leads.  All of my clients apply to work with me, to make certain that we can provide them with excellent results.  Quite often I refer prospective client applicants to attend one of my free webinars or to watch a few of my videos if they haven’t engaged with my coaching yet.  It’s in this way I can provide valuable coaching and insights even if initially they aren’t the best match for one of my coaching programs.  Fundamentally my marketing and promotion comes in the form of providing value to those who can most benefit – regardless of whether or not they’ve paid me anything yet.  It’s my giving system.


Q:  What has been your biggest challenge as a coach?


A: Leaving all of my other businesses behind and committing 100% to my calling – doing less, but better.  By focusing on my ultimate purpose … my higher purpose, I’ve left the realm of worrying about new business and money and practicing my “old story” as if somehow my calling would ever limit me in how I serve the world.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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