An Interview With Author Lofn Dabria

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Lofn Dabria is the author of, Love Me Like a Waterfall; here is a link to the Amazon page:



Q:  What is Love Me Like a Waterfall,” about?


A:  Love me like a waterfall is an inspirational story about a broken heart, adventure, redemption, and the courage to love again with a hint of mysticism through water. Mattie, our young heroine, has a long-term relationship with a rock star named Donald. Their relationship keeps clashing due to his career. Donald invites Mattie to a party and she is shocked when he introduces her as a songwriter and not his girlfriend. Brokenhearted she leaves him. A few months later, Donald comes back to Mattie after getting a phone call from her friend. He begs for her to come back to him but she decides it is best to move on. She takes a vacation to Brazil and meets a mysterious exotic man who turns her world upside down. They build a friendship and Mattie desires to take it to the next level but she remembers her checkered past. She parts ways with the exotic stranger and returns home refreshed and filled with more wisdom. By a chance of serendipity, she bumps into a man she saw back in Brazil who took her fancy for a moment. They have a strange encounter, meet again in water, and she realizes she can have the courage to be loved like a waterfall. Like a lotus love blooms and wilts with time but it can be reborn. And just like a waterfall it comes back full stream to the source of one’s heart never closing out.


Q:  What makes Mattie an character worth reading about?


A: What makes her worth reading is her relatability and being the woman that we all are in any given relationship. She learns through her own mistakes and sees what kind of love she wants.


Q:  What is the meaning of the title?


A:  The meaning of the title is how one would look at themselves. How does water flow and would define yourself to your natural element? Water never fades or flows in different directions unless the course of action does so. The title is a representation of my love for water and looking at love how it flows all the way around full circle.


Q:  How is it different from other erotic books?


A: This is different from other erotic books because the elements in the story define the characters and the hope of reaching one another is key.


Q: Who are some of your writing influences?


A: My writing influences when writing this book is Melody Gardot and Sade. I looked at their music and also the way they perceive through their emotional sway. I pictured that to see if I could do that to by bringing these characters to life.


Q:  What kind of day job do you have and how does it affect your writing?


A: I work in sales and marketing. I am around people all the time. Looking at different people all the time gives me new stories and incentive to see the world a little more differently when walking in their shoes.


Q:  What have you done to promote your writing?


A: I have been doing some PR for my book and campaign on social media to promote it out there.


Q:  What inspires you to write?


A: What inspires to me write is the imagination of what other stories I can come up with. I have been writing since I was a small child. I never think, I just do and what inspires me is the thrill of the written and oral word. It is hard to say what inspires me when all things can inspire me.


Q:  What do you think is the difference between good erotica and bad erotica?


A: The difference to me is a plot that what makes a good erotica versus bad erotica. The plot, characters and setting of the story really matter.


Q:  If you could go to a rock concert with any character from literature who would it be?


A: I would go with probably would go with moody Spock. I think he would be interesting to go with because his reaction would be the best.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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