An Interview with Actor and Documentarian Kalon Jackson



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Kalon Jackson is an actor and documentarian; here is a link to his IMDB page:


Q:  What made you interested in acting?


A:  I guess I always had a love for it since I was younger when my Mother got my brothers and I in theater at the Fine Arts Center in Camden SC and through that early introduction I was able to unveil talents that God had placed inside of me that I was unaware of until the opportunity presented itself.


Q:  What is, Call Me about?


A:  Its a TV show still being created so all of that is still being worked out by the writers and producers. They just started casting last year to find characters they’re able to create a story around.


Q:  What role do you play?


A: Still TBD


Q:  What did you do to prepare for the role?


A: God prepared me enough with a star quality to where the writers and creators approached me about coming onboard and giving them freedom to create a story off of my likes, dislikes and daily personality along with interactions between myself and other’s.


Q:  What is Blaxploitalian about?


A: Blaxplotalian tells a story of a 100 years of lack of diversity in Italian cinemas. Being told through the eyes of a young Italian man that grew up in a culture that only showed people of color on TV being played by either Africans or African Americans never Italians which made it hard for him to draw his own imagination because he wasn’t use to see anyone he felt he could fully relate to.


Q:  What inspired you to make a documentary?


A: Well coming off the heels of Oscars So White, and the constant issues so many people of color and from diverse backgrounds are having with Police and the way we’re being depicted here in America, I feel it was something many would be able to feel attached to and hopefully create more awareness of the need for us to collectively close this void in Entertainment. People of all cultures need influences and role models that can motivate them by allowing them to feel more connected to the characters they see and which are being flooded throughout the Industry.


Q:  How are you getting funding for the project?


A:  I do what’s needed for something I’m passionate about regardless if its catering, bartending, etc.. however majority of the funding comes from my Partner Lee Cowart and I get from booking Acting jobs and we just pool the money back into our own company


Q:  What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence your acting?


A: I go between modeling and acting jobs in the daytime to doing some catering/bartending gigs in the evening and at night


Q:  What is your most memorable  on set story?


A:  Would definitely be my first film I was blessed to get which was working with the underrated Spike Lee over in Italy for 3 months shooting for Miracle at St. Anna. The relationships that were created on that set amongst so many of us that one man (Spike Lee) was able to see potential in and give us an opportunity to work alongside him and other up and established and up and coming actors such at Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, John Leguizamo, Laz Alonso, Kerry Washington, Omari Hardwick, Omar Benson etc.. just to name a few who have all gone on to do even more great work and gain success as leads on they’re own shows like Scandal, Power and Ballers. Spike created an atmosphere where we all stayed together, trained together, partied together and most importantly learned from one another.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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