An Interview with Homeopathic Medicine Specialist Tom Theofanous

 prolenaone bottle (1)
Tom Theofanous is the developer of the  natural medicine ProleanaOne; here is a link to his Indiegogo Campaign:


Q: What is ProleanOne?


A: ProlenaOne™ is a natural herbal product  and its used as a multi-purpose medication. It was approved by Health Canada 3+ years ago in 2012 for 3 different ailments; inflammation, abdominal fullness (stomach disorders), and urinary difficulties


Q: What are some of the benefits of taking it?


A: The benefits of taking Prolenaone are as follows: it is an exceptional medicine for arthritis pain ,inflammation of joints ,stomach disorders,prostate problems, diabetes, weight loss,circulation problems (heart disease) and frequent urination


Q:  How did you become involved with selling the product?


A: I became involved in the product for over 20 years because i developed the formula.


Q:  What kind of professional and  educational background do you have?


 A: I have a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Science  DHMS



Q: What was the most challenging thing about getting your business off the ground?


A: The most challenging thing was the time it took to get the approval by Health Canada and to get its sale subject by the FDA as a commercial product.



Q:  What are some specific studies that have been done about your product and what were the results. (Please give the name of the researcher or the name of the research project.)


A: This being a natural product there was no clinical studies but Health Canada’s approval process distinguish it as a safe and effective product .As well there is many testimonials as to its results.Go and check testimonials on our youtube page.




Q:  Who commissioned the research?

A: N/A


Q:  What sets your product apart from other natural products?


A: Prolenaone is a versatile product and its admired for its effectiveness among various disease conditions.The chief action is centered around long standing inflammatory diseases and its marked for joint afflictions and one of its major compounds is found only in this particular species of  adzuki bean.


Q:   Has the labeling been approved by the FDA?


A; ProlenaOne is  approved by Health Canada NPN # 8003 4461 which is the equivalent to the FDA in US


Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your INDIEGOGO campaign?


A: What we want to accomplish is to raise $50,000 to expand the production of this medicine and make it available worldwide.We would also like to help people with above named afflictions that might not be in a position to afford this medicine so part of the money raised will go to help them by providing this medicine to them for free.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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