An Interview With Singer and Model Tonary Modal


Tonary Modal is a dancer, singer and model; here is a link to her Instagram page:

Q: What made you interested in music?


A: I love dancing and love songs so I make a creative blend of music with dance , pop , with an r&b twist.


Q: Your bio says you have opened for Bruno Mars at the V20 night Club, how did you get the gig?


A: Correction: I opened for B.O.B, He was a rapper who collaborated with Bruno Mars in a song that became a hit during the time called , ‘Nothing On You.’ B.O.B. performed at this huge nightclub and I knew a club promoter who hooked me up to perform there because I told him I was interested in performing there one day. And he said , “Hey do you want to open for B.O.B ? It’s a good opportunity for you.” And I accepted the gig.


Q:  What inspired the song, Check Me Out?


A: I had a goal in my modeling and entertainment career for people to check me out, check my works out, So I thought of an idea what better way than to make a catchy attention grabbing song called Check Me Out.


Q:  What kind of musical training have you had?


A: I started playing the flute and sung at the age of 9 at soprano level . I had very little training. I learned how to create my own music by listening to beats of the music and blindly write as I hear the tunes of the instruments.


Q:  What kind of day job or income source do you have and how does it affect your ability to pursue modeling and music?


A: I work in accounting and auditing  . I have a regular day and night job. Most of my modeling and music gig isn’t last minute or an on-call basis so that’s a good thing , it is pre-arranged ahead of time .Nobody will give the time to anyone who don’t have the time for them or make you drop your job unless they have a good offer in exchange. But when my big break opportunity comes I will definitely drop everything for modeling and entertainment career.


Q:  What is your strangest show biz story?


A: That’s a good question , now this is just the start of my show biz I haven’t been in one strange one yet & would hope it to be as good as it gets lol.


Q:  What are some things you have done to promote yourself?


A: I network a lot , go to events, you will see me on Instagram@TONARYOFFICIALPAGE for more details.


Q;  What do you like about Los Angeles?


A: I love shopping , plenty of work , plenty of cultures, plenty of places to go out . Bars, dining, clubs, red carpet events, the glamorous life.


Q:   What would you change about it?


A: Nothing in mind at the moment 🙂


Q:  What is the secret to an attention getting Instagram photo?


A: A classy, unique, bright close up selfie summarize it all .

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.



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