An Interview With Real Estate Agent Lauren Davis


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Lauren Davis is a Los Angeles based real estate agent; here is a link to her website:


Q: What made you decide to go into real-estate?


A: I have always loved homes, designs, landscaping etc. I have a sales background so combining my passion with my sales background and the ability to have my own business was extremely appealing.


Q: What kind of jobs did you have before getting your real estate license?



A: I was a Sales Manager for Sandals and Beaches Resorts and worked for Bleacher Report.


Q: What was the most challenging thing about the real estate exam in California?


A:  I’m not going to lie, I am an awful test taker and not a traditional student so reading and reading made it hard to grasp. It wasn’t that it was hard, its just such an abundance of information, terms and scenarios. I got lucky and passed the first time but I took a crash course and studies flashcards for a month!


Q:  What is your strangest work story?


A: There are so many and I hate to label any of my clients as a strange experience. However, that being said I guess I can mention that I had clients that found me through my website and didn’t speak English so everything was google translate and then in person things got a little tricky. My arms were sore from all the motioning I was doing and trying to act my words out. Had anyone seen this they would have either laughed until they cried or thought I was definitely insane.


Q:  What are the advantages of being in so many professional associations?


A:  The networking, support, education and credibility all are extremely valuable.


Q: What makes Los Angeles buyers unique?


A:  Los Angeles buyers are from everywhere! One day you’ll have a family that just moved from Austrailia and the next day meet with a capitol group from China looking for investment properties. I am fortunate that the always changing scenarios keep my life anything but dull.


Q:  How has the real estate market changed over the last few years?


A:  Every market is different, however I’ve noticed lots of first time homebuyers have emerged with interest rates being at historical lows.


Q:  What has been the most unique house you have ever shown?


A:  I get chills when I walked in the historical Hancock Park mansion on Lucerne designed by famous architect John C Austin. He was the architect of the Griffin Observatory and LA City Hall. The wood work in the mansion and layout is so grand.


Q:  What is the best movie you have ever seen about your profession?


A: This may be a little creative but I love the movie ‘Far and Away’, its about the Oklahoma Landrun (and I’m from Oklahoma) and it shows how valuable land is and always has been and that its chaos in obtaining it. This movie shows the historical value of real estate. Things could have been more organized if there real estate agents back then haha.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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