An Interview With Reality TV Contestant Katie Mills





Katie Mills appeared on the second season of reality show The Mole; here is a link to one of the episodes:


Q: What made you interested in being on The Mole?


A:  I watched the first season and was able to immediately tell who the mole was. I thought I can do this. I jokingly said something in class and my students told me I should try out for the show. So I did.

Q: Do you believe you were portrayed fairly?

A:  I think they portrayed me just how I was. A young, emotional woman. It’s interesting to see myself now and think WOW have I grown up so much.
Q: Who got the best edit on the show and who do you think got the worst?

A:  I honestly think everyone was fairly edited. I think it would have been tough to edit anyone badly as we were all so friendly with each other.
Q: How has reality TV changed since you were on it?

A: There’s a lot of bullying on reality tv now. I love Reality TV and I think because I participated in it I will always love it. However, some of the ways women treat each other and talk over each other on shows. That’s not entertainment.
Q: Are you still a school teacher?

A: No. I left teaching a year and a half later. I moved out of Penacook, NH and moved to Maine. I got involved in insurance and I absolutely love it. I have to deal with people like I would deal with students, but it’s now behind a desk instead of in front of a classroom.
Q: Have you ever auditioned for another reality show? No. I wanted to try Amazing Race but that application was way more complicated than the Mole one was.
A: Your IMDB page says you have worked as a crew member on several short films. Are you interested in film or television production yourself? I’m not sure who edited my IMDB page. The crew stuff and short films is not me. I have only been on the Mole. I love film, however. I remember asking production of the Mole if this would get me a SAG card. They just laughed at me.

Who do you still talk to from the cast and what have they been up to?

A: Facebook makes everything easier now. When one of the producers, Clay Newbill, won an Emmy for Shark Tank – I messaged him to Congratulate him. We all say hello and banter on FB but it’s been 15 years. We grow up and life changes. I think I hear from Bill the most.

How real is the television show, Unreal? ( It is on Hulu if you haven’t seen it.)

A: I have watched Unreal. Reality tv wasn’t like that when I was on it, but it doesn’t surprise me now if it was that way.
Q: What advice would you have for someone who is considering going on a reality show?

A: Think LONG and HARD about it. In today’s world, everything is available to the populous due to social medial. Luckily, my stint on reality tv was positive, but some of these women who go on other shows to find a suiter or do crazy adventures could be exploitive. I was very lucky that ABC, at the time, was very Disney and Family oriented.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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