An Interview With Photographer Sinji



Sinji is a photographer; here is a link to his website:|0/



Q: What made you want to be a photographer?


A: When I was young, my Brother had a 35mm with a bunch of Filters and many gadgets, I was Amazed. Nature is Amazing. I loved Photography ever



Q:  What kind of training do you have?


A: I Studied Photoshop, StudioMX in College


Q: What makes your photography unique?


A: I have a special technique, I expose Spirit Entities hiding in the Photo’s, I do not add anything I merely enhance the pixels

Q:  What gave you the idea to Photoshop nature photography in the first place?

A: When I was learning Photoshop, one day I started ” pushing buttons” to experiment with what they do.

Q: You work as a personal chef. How does your day job influence your photography? I use color combinations

A: from plates of Food I made, when I need to modify the color.

Q:  What is the most photogenic kind of food?


A: Desserts with candied fruit, candied vegetables, candied nuts and boiled sugar fruit sauces are Beautiful and very photogenic.


Q: What has been your most challenging photographic project?


A:  My work is always challenging. It’s like a box of Chocolates, I never know what my work is gonna look like when I’m done. Only a few are acceptable.


Q: What do you like about living in Alaska?


A:  I like snow, when I was living in San Mateo, it never snowed


Q: Who are some of your favorite photographers?


A: I appreciate everything High Culture.


Q: Who would you Photoshop into the White House?


A: President Obama has a great face, I don’t get good results from People or anything Man made.
For my Art, I do not photograph People , only Natural and not Man made things or People. I tried Photographing people and City Scape, but when I modify the Photo, I did not get desirable results.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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