An Interview With Actress Tenesha Lang






Tenesha Lang is an actress who appears in the film Wrong Package; here is a link to her reel:



 Q: What made you interested in acting?


A: Watching ANTM tv show .. The episode of them acting out scenes with Taye Diggs Lol a funny episode by the way.. also watching Eva Pigford .How she went from becoming a model to an Actor , she was seen on many TV shows such as House of Paynes, her own modelling show, and films . And after seeing that I knew that’s what I wanted to do.. oh and YaYA Dacosta she also is another actor and model whose career changed justs from being on that show .. so they both inspired me to go on out there and try , you can only get a yes or no . And when I stepped my foot out there, I booked a stage play being the leading Actress a film called OverPass being the leading Actress. A tv show Windy City live dancing with DLOW, modelling opportunites . And so much more To greatful and blessed.


Q: What Famous role would you most like to attempt and why?


A: The famous role would be is speaking role on Chicago PD, Or Empire, And Tyler perry shows .. it seems to get you on your way in life .. after booking a role . I feel that you made it .. your in the system and justs wait by your phone to get more calls for shows


Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence your work?


A: I am currently working for homecare and betweentimes I might be on set working as a police officer in chicago PD. And I also might be doing hair , or resumes and also demo Reels it influence me more .. because I get more opportunities to see when and where there’s a downfall .. and if you stay with a hustle there’s no need to look back


Q: What is Wrong Package about?


A: a guy name Ethan who orders a package on a late night tv show and he thinks that it is going to change is life .. But he learns that when life sends you the wrong package you have to make the bests of it

Q: How did you get involved with the project?


A:  I saw an ad in Craigslist looking for Actors . And submitted my information and got booked .. and added friends on Facebook ..


Q: What role did you play?

A: I was a Extra playing in two scenes

I did the phone operator in a business officer and the club goer scene


Q: What does Chicago have to offer aspiring actors that other cities do not?


A: Opportunities to find ways of getting better at it , and also to pursue your dreams


Q: To what method of acting do you ascribe?


A: Acting classes and to learn as much as possible on making justs a piece a paper with lines coming to life . Justs on becoming that character and making it believeable


Q: What is the oldest role for which you have auditioned?



A: The oddest role was the character Pamela from the stage play “When love Exists” I was a loving Wife he loves her husband . Had her own furniture company businesss and strayed away from God and dislikes her mother .. I played a scene when I was called out my name .. and I also got choked lol it was a very hard scene to do .. and I had to think twice on that role before I accepted it


Q: What makes you watchable?


A: I’m funny, outgoing , spontaneous , sexy , cute , diva , model and actor, in fun and I give people that energy to live a little it’s okay. I also influence others to see that it’s not that hard to go after your dreams and become your dream




Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


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