Month: March 2018

An Interview With Cannabis Consultant Kiki Freeman




Kiki Freeman is a cannabis consultant who owns Grow House LA; here is a link to the website:



Q: What inspired you to start Grow House LA?


A: My inspiration for GrowHouseLa came from not wanting to do residential real estate anymore, and good friend of mine asked me to find him a location shortly after I got into Commercial real estate. After a few successful deals, I knew the market in coming years would be awesome! It wasn’t, I hit a lot of brick walls, however I was determined to stay afloat until Recreational Cannabis became legal.


Q: What does a cannabis consultant do, exactly?


A: My focus is in the real estate sector. I find compliant locations for cultivators, and retail operators, connecting investors with cultivators, selling existing grow operations, consultation for licensing and being the go to for all things cannabis.


Q: What kind of professional background do you have and how does it qualify you for the job of cannabis consultant?


A: I specifically focus on the Real Estate aspect of the industry, therefore a thorough knowledge of local real estate market is a must. Also, it’s imperative to keep abreast of all the legal changes in the cannabis industry as this will assist in dealing with cultivators and investors. Lastly, you would need to know exactly what a cultivator needs in terms of location, size, power distance from sensitive uses ect.


Q: What are a few of the things someone starting a grow house should know?


A: If your just starting to grow, I’d highly recommend starting with a small location. I’d also recommend obtaining a partner for financial reasons and lastly you must be able to distribute your product. Therefore relationships with dispensary owners is a must.


Q: What questions should a potential grower ask before starting their business?


A: How do I dispose of my product! Since so many cultivators are in the market, having an excellent supply of distribution is a must.


Q: Do you think growers in states that have legal marijuana should be concerned about Jeff Sessions recinding of the Cole Memo?


A: No, its just a fear tactic. Once all states figure out how to maximize their tax profits, it’s a win win. Cannabis is healing, healing people with opioid addictions, cancer ailments ect…. the proof is undeniable.


Q: What is the strangest questions a potential grower has asked you


A: I actually haven’t had any,lol


Q:  How did you get investors interested in your company?


A: This is a great question….Over the years investors have been reaching out to me to lease their property or to purchase property to place a cultivator or dispensary due to the  substantially higher prices that they can charge the tenant. The prices are now starting to level, however an investor can still generate up to 65% more return on their investment. Also, the cost to outfit a small 5,000 square feet cultivation operation can cost around $250,000 without the cultivator seeing any returns, thus an investor can partner with a cultivator and receives better returns than any other investment vehicle.


Q:  How do you tell high quality cannabis from low quality cannabis?


A: Well that’s somewhat not in the scope of my duties, however my top cultivators have the best relationships with the most popular dispensaries. They build brands that are free of any pesticides, and can past testing.


Q: Do you think smoking a blunt will ever replace drinking champagne when closing a real-estate deal?

A: Well, we in Cali don’t smoke blunts (tobacco is so taboo) we prefer prerolls. And I’d say it will be safe to say that smoking your vape along with a glass of Champagne is likely to become the norm!


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.