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Eliza Gale  began her blogging career on the Los Angeles based site Curvewire.com where she interviewed Angelinos about their jobs and their dreams. Elizagalesinterviews.com will feature interviews with people from around the world talking about the jobs they have and the jobs they want. Here is an interview with the Interviewer:

Q: What motivated you to start interviewing people about their jobs?

A:  When I was a kid one of my favorite books was “Working” by Studs Terkel . It was a collection of interviews with people about their jobs and how they felt about them. The book painted a rather dark picture of American life and values.  I was shocked at the underlying hostility that most adults had towards their employers and the dissatisfaction they had with their lives. I will never forget an interview with a twelve year-old who was completely disillusioned with human nature and capitalism based on his experience as a paper boy.

I grew up to be like, ten million times more bitter about life and working than anyone in that book. I wanted to give the American worker  and businessman a voice. I also wanted to feel validated by having my name on a blog people actually read. I knew that if I just blogged about myself no one would care as I am an unsuccessful, frumpy, middle aged nobody. I thought that if I gave a different person a chance to tell their story I would have a better chance of getting an audience.

Q: What kind of day job do you have?

A: I have been a customer service rep for the last nine years. Before that I was a skip tracer in a collection agency and before that I was a telemarketer. I have had a lot of strange little odd jobs in my life including, petition circulator, telephone prostitute,  Easter bunny, blogger, background extra and screenplay contest judge and medical test subject.

Most of my full time  jobs made me feel like Alice and Wonderland. The people who corporations chose to make their leaders are some of the dumbest, most sycophantic amoral, semi-literate, humorless nincompoops on earth.

In my long and checkered career I have worked for a woman who didn’t know Jews and Muslims had any problem at all with each other, a woman who couldn’t read, a latent homosexual asswad who was From El Salvador and didn’t know what Iran – Contra was and an ignorant hillbilly, racist who may well have been in the KKK and those were some of the better jobs.

I have come to have absolutely no respect at all for authority of any kind. In fact if someone is successful in business all I wonder is what is there IQ and who they banged to get the job in the first place.

Q: What has been the most challenging thing about maintaining your blog?

A:  The most challenging thing has been finding a variety of workers with a variety of different jobs and professions. Because I was living in LA when I started my blog the vast majority of people I talk to are in the entertainment industry.  It is very easy to get these interviews as the film industry is so competitive that everyone is trying to promote themselves. Although I greatly appreciate every single person who has interviewed with me, I think it would be nice to learn about some other professions. It has become more of a blog about film industry professionals than American workers.

Q: What makes someone a good interview subject?

I like people who put a lot of thought into their answers and who don’t censor themselves too much. I would say its honesty, that makes someone a good subject,  but actually there are some very interesting people out there who are complete BS artist.

If someone is willing to go into a lot of detail they will reveal alot about themselves in both the text and subtext of an interview. I believe that if you don’t edit them they will eventually  show your readers who they really are.

Q: What makes someone a bad interview subject?

Some respondents answer their questions like they are on a job interview. I realize this is because many of them have been told by various industry professionals never to say anything bad about anything, to always be grateful for all opportunities and how you to find the positive in every experience.

In my opinion this is a huge mistake, especially for aspiring artist of any kind. The artist role in society should be that of a rabble rouser. It’s an artist job to show the absurdity of conventional thinking.

Anyone who encourages you to suck it up and be quiet just wants to make sure you will keep your mouth shut when they take advantage of you.

Q: What sets you apart from other interview blogs?

I am not a professional journalist and I only make a little extra money here and there as a blogger. There is nothing unusual about this most people with blogs are in this situation. The difference is; I admit it.  I don’t think I’m the next Tina Brown and I refuse to tell people that I am. I’m just a lonely loser with a laptop and too much time on her hands that is willing to print whatever answers my subjects give me.   I am just as interested in interviewing a dish washer as I am a brain surgeon.

People seem to like this I get about 200 hits a day, so I’ve gotta be doing something right.

Q: What do you like about Hollywood?

I like old Hollywood. I love old movies and the Egyptian Theater, Musso and Franks and all the old  lore about Hollywood scandal. Old movies had actors in them who started on stage honed their craft and eventually worked in films. A lot of films in those days were plays first and I believe it made the stories much stronger.

Q: What don’t you like about it?

If I were to really give this question a detailed answer I would use up cyberspace.

To put it in a single word it’s the duplicity of Hollywood that I hate. I hate it that Hollywood espouses itself to be liberal and progressive when it is really is terribly racist, ageist sexist and looksist.

If you want proof of this just call the Central Casting line and listen to what they are looking for. You will see that they think policemen and woman are all in their 20s and all police detectives are in their thirties, (you have to be at least 25 to get into the police academy) that people who are “upscale “are attractive, mostly white, thin and young. (Oprah would not be upscale.)  That country music singers and country audience members are all white (Ray Charles was one of the most popular country stars in history) and that cruise ship passengers are all young and attractive (have you ever been on a cruise?)

Hollywood makes fun of people like Sarah Palin as she is a narrow-minded, gun loving Jesus freak. They laugh at the simple mindedness of conservatives for liking this woman who is feminine on the outside and tough on the inside.  Ya wanna know why people believe in the myth of such women see The Blind Side in which Sandra Bullock plays a feminine. gun toting reactionary woman who is portrayed as heroic. Sarah Palin is so popular because Hollywood has romanticized the kind of person she is.

When George W Bush was elected president many Hollywood celebrities asked how this could happen. What could cause people to elect a mental deficient as the leader of the free world?

Hollywood is largely responsible for the anti-intellectualism that made Bush so popular.  For examples of this see Forrest Gump  or Good Will Hunting.

Hollywood will make a film like Shrek about the importance of inner beauty and the characters will be voiced by famous actors who became famous largely due their looks.

Q: Who is your dream interview?

A:  I would love to talk to anyone in Congress about the Patriot Act, it fascinates me that a room full of lawyers could pass something so unconstitutional.  I would love to talk to Lena Durham about her show because I think she gives plain looking chicks a voice. I would love to do a series of interviews with disgruntled proletarians.

Q: Who would you refuse to interview?

A:  I am very in favor of animal rights and vegetarianism. I would refuse to interview anyone who makes their living by the exploitation of animals as I could not feign any kind of objectivity.


3 thoughts on “About Eliza’s Interviews

  1. I was struck by your love of Working by Studs Terkel. I read it in high school and loved it. I also ask people questions for a living as a therapist.
    happy to find your blog!

  2. Very cool to see a blog that focuses just on interviews :-D.


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