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An Interview With Singer and Model Tonary Modal


Tonary Modal is a dancer, singer and model; here is a link to her Instagram page:

Q: What made you interested in music?


A: I love dancing and love songs so I make a creative blend of music with dance , pop , with an r&b twist.


Q: Your bio says you have opened for Bruno Mars at the V20 night Club, how did you get the gig?


A: Correction: I opened for B.O.B, He was a rapper who collaborated with Bruno Mars in a song that became a hit during the time called , ‘Nothing On You.’ B.O.B. performed at this huge nightclub and I knew a club promoter who hooked me up to perform there because I told him I was interested in performing there one day. And he said , “Hey do you want to open for B.O.B ? It’s a good opportunity for you.” And I accepted the gig.


Q:  What inspired the song, Check Me Out?


A: I had a goal in my modeling and entertainment career for people to check me out, check my works out, So I thought of an idea what better way than to make a catchy attention grabbing song called Check Me Out.


Q:  What kind of musical training have you had?


A: I started playing the flute and sung at the age of 9 at soprano level . I had very little training. I learned how to create my own music by listening to beats of the music and blindly write as I hear the tunes of the instruments.


Q:  What kind of day job or income source do you have and how does it affect your ability to pursue modeling and music?


A: I work in accounting and auditing  . I have a regular day and night job. Most of my modeling and music gig isn’t last minute or an on-call basis so that’s a good thing , it is pre-arranged ahead of time .Nobody will give the time to anyone who don’t have the time for them or make you drop your job unless they have a good offer in exchange. But when my big break opportunity comes I will definitely drop everything for modeling and entertainment career.


Q:  What is your strangest show biz story?


A: That’s a good question , now this is just the start of my show biz I haven’t been in one strange one yet & would hope it to be as good as it gets lol.


Q:  What are some things you have done to promote yourself?


A: I network a lot , go to events, you will see me on Instagram@TONARYOFFICIALPAGE for more details.


Q;  What do you like about Los Angeles?


A: I love shopping , plenty of work , plenty of cultures, plenty of places to go out . Bars, dining, clubs, red carpet events, the glamorous life.


Q:   What would you change about it?


A: Nothing in mind at the moment 🙂


Q:  What is the secret to an attention getting Instagram photo?


A: A classy, unique, bright close up selfie summarize it all .

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An Interview With Model Suzanne Stokes


Suzanne Stokes is a model who has appeared in Playboy and on Frasier and The Howard Stern Show; here is a link to her website:


Q: How did you become involved with beauty pageants in the first place?


A: When I was really little my mom put me in a beauty pageant. I also did some modeling for some local newspapers and had taken a modeling class when I was young. I guess I would have to say my first bikini contest was just for fun. I was probably like 16 and I was at a bar in FT Lauderdale with my boyfriend and I entered a bikini contest just for fun.  I ended up winning 3rd place and some money which I was stoked.  Then I began modeling in Miami and I booked my first audition which was for a Ruffles commercial which I was so excited about. I was living on Chokoloskee Island at the time which was about an hour and a half away from Miami so my dad usually drove me to the castings at first which I am very thankful for.  I booked a Heineken commercial which was filmed in The Dominican Republic, and I met this other girl who was really cool and we began friends. When we were back In Miami, we decided to enter a Hawaiian Tropic contest at the

Cleavlander Hotel  on South Beach. I ended up winning first runner-up and I won some money but you had to go to the next contest in order to get the money so I continued on. It was a fun experience and I got to meet a lot of cool people. I ended up winning Miss Miami and the I won the Top 4 in the USA contest and then I won Most Photogenic in the International contest

Q:  What kind of day jobs have you had and what makes modeling better?

A: I must say that I have never really had a day job.  I was a first mate once on my dad’s airboat ride. I pulled the crab trap up to show the tourist and then I fed the raccoons and gators the marshmallows. They loved those things.   It was cute because the raccoons would come take them from your hand. I would just throw it to the gator though.

Q:  What is your favorite Hef story?

A: One time we were all riding in the limo coming home from the club and a bunch of us girls were hanging out the top of the limo and we got pulled over and I thought that was kinda funny.  I was thinking wow, who would actually give Hef a ticket.  Lol…. But luckily we got away with a warning and continued the fun back to the mansion. Hef is an amazing person.  He is fascinating and has lots of stories that are great.  He is very charming. It was lots of fun back in those days.

Q:  What was the Playboy experience like?

A: The Playboy experience was amazing for me. I had a really amazing time.

Q:  When you went on Howard Stern’s show you participated in something called the tickle post where you were chained to a post, naked and tickled by Mr. Stern. Did they tell you this was part of the show or did you find out when you got there?

A: I found out when I got there.  It was all just random.  At the end of the show, they came around and filmed us while they give us a quiz on random facts. Buffy and I got all the questions right but they didn’t end up showing that part. Lol

Q:  Your website says you are producing a reality show; what is it about?

A: I was a producer on this show called Guts and Glory. It is about the San Antonio Talons. Football

Q:  What is the strangest fan letter you have ever received?

A: I once got this package with locks of hair in it.  Kinda weird I thought.

Q:  What role did you play on Fraiser?

A: I played the Fantasy Plumber.

Q:  If you could change anything about Hollywood, what would it be and why?

A: Less traffic

Q:  What are some misconceptions about nude modeling?

A: Are there misconceptions?

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Actress/Model Mariela I’V


Mariela I’V is an actress who appears in the film Under the Hollywood Sign and has modeled for American Apparel; here is a link to her website:

Q:  How did you get into modeling?

A: I started modelling as most models at age 14 because of my mother. My mother is a glam queen, the type to be all dressed up at a grocery store even, I was tomboy then so wasnt as into modelling, was fascinated with the acting world but my mother didnt support acting so much then but my first project she put me in was a very big Latin Runway show for one of the top Artists of south America Pipi…I dont recall his full name. That was his artist name he went by. This was a show in California at the time we lived in Denver CO.

Q:  What was the experience of working for American Apparel like?


A: I love American Apparel they are awesome. Simple is the way to go. It was a fun and relaxed photo shoot with yummy desserts and fruits. The new handsome owner of American Apparel from Uruguay was there the entire shoot so was fun modelling for him! I would most definitely model for American Apparel again!

Q:  What made you interested in transitioning into acting?

A: Acting was my passion but modelling is what really launched my career. So pursued both and now i love both. I was always fascinated by acting as a child, the Hollywood glam, creation, imagination, art and magic. I was always a creative one a bit eccentric in a unique way.

Q:  What kind of training have you had?

A:  I have great mentors, acting teachers that I have learned from. I have studied drama and acting through out  high school, to my university-Metro State University of Denver. In LA I have studied at Aida Institute-cold readings, monolgues, on camera workshops, camera reactions, improv. Mi West Playhouse- improv and comedy sketch. These are few of my experiences of training.

Q:  You appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker; how real is reality television?

A: Well Reality dating shows, I dont like reality shows other then dating ones.  I am ok with dating shows, its fun and enjoyable. Some are staged some are just as is improv. Milionaire Matchmaker is organized of how the process of reaching different levels but on our part its our choice to stand out and be natural and improv.

Q:  Who are some of your acting influences?

A: Oh I have so many…My favorite actresses Angelina Jolie for being a sexy bad ass and always is a true artist, Male actors I still do love Johnny Depp for being a awesome eccentric actor, he always plays the very characterized character well as for some other actors would be difficult for.

Q:  What is Under the Hollywood Sign about?

A:  This film is about a stuggling male actor who is down on his luck and dreams are fading trying to make it in life and lives in his trailer van. So we see him struggle and the different experiences he goes through and discovers his purpose in life.

Q:  What role do you play?


A:  I play Summer, who is a hipster bad girl at a party up in the hills near his van. Drinking, smoking, drugs and having fun at the party, and making out is what the party is about.

Q:  Why do you think people are so fascinated by aspiring actors?

A: Producers are always watching always seeking for new talent. Casting directors and other talent watch as well. Sometimes its a video game, kick ass, make it to the next level, repeat. As athletes they like to see progression.

Q:  What do you think is more important in Hollywood, good looks or talent?

A: Talent is the main thing that is important. But being Hollywood vanity is seen as well. The heartthrob, stud, team captain or goddess, sweetheart always stand out. Audience always love talent, looks, comedy and kids. Number one sellers.  I grew up in a conservative family vanity is a sin, everyone is a beautiful person in there own way if its outside or inside or both. But those that have horrible attitudes and personalities even if they are handsome/gorgeous I see them ulgy. Thats how my heart and mind works.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Beauty Expert Jodi LaBossiere


Jodi LaBossiere is a former model and beauty expert who is the author of In Your Face; here is a link to her website:


Q:  What made you interested in the beauty industry?
A: I have always had an interest in the beauty industry.  My Mother and Father were both models and I was around it from a very young age (like newborn – LOL)

Q:  How did you come to sell Avon when you were only fourteen?
A: I started selling Avon at 14 because it paid better than babysitting and there wasn’t a friend’s mother around who could resist buying a few things from me every month.  It was actually a great introduction into sales and taught me a lot early on (many things I still use today in sales and business)

Q:  You were in beauty contests, what did you do for the talent portion?
A: If the contest had a talent portion (not all of them do in fact most of them don’t) I would play Alto Sax (Yep girlfriend actually has a talent woohoo)!

Q:  What is the most realistic film or TV show you have ever seen about the pageant circuit?
A: I have yet to see a film or TV show that is really realistic.  You have to remember when they do these shows they are doing them to get people to watch, a typical pageant isn’t compelling TV, so they tend to throw a cat fight or two in there.  However, Miss Congeniality is pretty funny and Drop Dead Gorgeous is outrageous!  Pageants are actually great for teaching young women how to interview well (who won’t find themselves in a job  interview one day), confidence, etiquettte, social and verbal communication skills  and community service (many systems require their queens to be involved  and volunteer in the community).  Frankly these skills are lacking in many people today so don’t poo poo the pageant girls!!

Q:  What are some common mistakes women make when it comes to makeup?
A: They buy cheap products and wonder why they don’t look that great!  Come on people!!  You’ll buy 2-3 Starbucks a day but won’t spend $40.00 on a foundation that will last a few months and make you look flawless get your priorities right!  Drugstore brands simply aren’t as good as professional no matter what the magazines (who are selling Millions of dollars of ads to those brands) tell you.  Also, you need to have the right tools! Invest in good brushes and take care of them (clean them!!) it will make a huge difference in how your makeup looks and feels.

Q:  What are some of the things you discuss in In Your Face?

A: WEll, you really need to read the book, but I touch on many health and beauty questions as well as relationship issues.  I have been told that I say what everyone is thinking with chapters like: Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat, Another Alcohol Related incident, and The Real Reason You Ain’t Married yet 😉

Q:  Do you think a plain looking woman, wearing no makeup can come across as confident?
A: A beautiful woman wearing no makeup won’t come across as confident!!  Sorry  peeps!  you have exactly 3 seconds to make a first impression and it is time you start showing up and being present(able)!  Makeup is not vanity.  Being well groomed doesn’t mean you are girlie girl or an airhead, it means you care about yourself and take pride in your appearance.  Others take notice as well!  I own my own business and I coach other women entrepreneurs in confidence.  If you show up to a client meeting looking like you haven’t combed your hair or took 5 minutes to put on some mascara you probably won’t get the client.  Why?  Why would anyone hire someone to work for them when they don’t look like they give a crap about themselves?!  What does that say about the work you will do for others?  I know it scares some people, but get out there and learn how to do it!

Q:  Do you think good looking women are perceived as more trustworthy than unattractive women?
A: I think well put together women are perceived as more trustworthy period!  You don’t have to look like Cindy Crawford for people to trust you, but you do have to appear well put together, organized, and confident.  Also, showing up on time or a few minutes early goes a long way in people trusting you.  Being habitually late sends the message you are a flake and can’t be trusted and in most business situations is considered a BIG FU. I never trust anyone who is habitually late  (actually I just won’t work with them).

Q:  How do you feel about cosmetics being tested on animals?

I try and choose my products carefully and work with cruelty free brands ( There are enough of them out there).  In all honesty I would rather use a product with parabens in it than a product tested on animals.  However, you really have to be savvy!  a product that says something like “this product is NOT tested on animals” may simply mean the finished product isn’t, but that doesn’t mean some  of the ingredients haven’t been tested in raw form by another lab or company before it was used in said product.

Q:  What celebrity would you most like to makeover?
A: OMG!! Cameron Diaz!!! Every time I see her skin I want to hug her and make it better!  She is pretty and she could be even prettier! Cameron, call me…

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Model Dominique Monroe




Dominique Monroe is a model and aspiring actress, here is a link to her website:



Q: What made you interested in modeling?

A: From the age of 3 I knew that’s what I wanted to do. It was always natural for me.

Q: How did you get your first modeling job?

A: I was 12 and there where a few clothing stores lookin for models for there spring and fall fashion shows so when I heard about it I went and got it on spot!

Q: What kind of acting training have you had?

A: for modeling I trained myself always watching shows on TV and lookin at models in magazines. For acting I’ve taken classes at a college and around the neighborhood.

Q: Who are some of your favorite designers?

A: I love Micheal Kors and boutique style clothing both because they are affordable and I can make anything look expensive!

Q: What kind of day job (or income source) do you have and how does it affect your ability to get modeling jobs?

A: Right now I work from home, I have an online boutique. I also work people almost as an accountant so they know how and where their money goes. I also do freelance hair and make up to generate money. I have my license in cosmetology and aesthetics so I do things pertaining to them. Not to mention I also manage my 3 children who also are in this business. Its hard having a regular 9-5 job in this business you miss out on auditions and casting calls so I let that world go back in 2012.

Q: What is your strangest back stage story?

A: I pay attention to everything even if you think I’m not I do.. All I will say is sometimes it sucks being pretty in this business your talent gets overlook at times.

Q: What has the biggest professional challenge you have had to overcome? After having my children still having the courage and confidence to chase my dreams. Also being able to afford everything thats needed to succeed in this business.

Q: What do you like about the modeling industry?

A: I love all the different type of modeling  is out there as far as print, promitional, runway etc…

Q: What would you change about it?

A: Height and weights standards for most modeling, I’m skinny but not a stick figure.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: What’s next for me is booking more acting gigs and trying to land a supporting or lead role on a TV series!



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)




An Interview With Fashion Photographer Brooke Mason


Brooke Mason is a fashion photographer; here is a link to her website:

Q: What made you interested in photography?

A:  I was really passionate about photography when I was 13 years old. Often at lunch time spent in the darkroom. It became my obsession. Later I went on to be a model myself, but never stopped shooting, and being a part of my true love, behind the camera.

Q: Who are some of you influences?

A:  I get a lot of influence from foreign films, including all of the Fellini classics and some amazing French films for my visual inspiration. Of course I adore Helmut Newton and Horst.

Q:  What do you look for in a model?:

A:  The best models have something unique about them, their personality shines through, and they know how to convey the emotion that’s needed for the story the photographer is trying to create. To be a great model, you don’t have to be the skinniest, the tallest or the prettiest. In the end, it’s about being undeniable to the camera.

Q: In what way does your work push boundaries?

A:  I’m always trying to push my own limitations in creating work, creating art. To get past oneself is the hardest accomplishment. I strive to create an emotional reaction in my viewer, especially in my fine art photography. My goal for my art works is to impinge, to get to a deeper place, perhaps even to uncover a feeling you didn’t know you had.

Q: Are fashion models really getting skinnier or are things the same as they have always been?

A:  Plus models in the fashion world have now become more recognized than ever before. Thin models have always been around since the Twiggy era. This is a personal taste based on designer’s choices or marketing. These days there’s really a lot of everything, even including different ethnicities.

Q: What is your strangest work story?

A:  I was on an editorial fashion shoot, and when we unpacked the clothes on set, the pants were missing and we had to shoot the models in their knickers and tops. It actually turned out really creative and fun in the end. But quite a stressful and strange start to the day.

Q: What was the most challenging photo you ever worked on?

A:  The most challenging fashion shoots I’ve had are shooting at the ocean dealing with the waves, the changing of weather, and being waist deep in water trying to make sure the waves don’t splash my camera whilst trying to get the best shot.

Q: What qualities does a good plus sized model have?

A:  The best plus models have the most vivacious personalities, fun, outgoing, expressive and carefree. For any model, great hair, glowing skin, engaging eyes through the lens and real expressions are key!

Q: What camera would you recommend for a novice?

A:  It’s very hard to recommend a camera not knowing the individual and what they’re needing it for. However, I am a Canon girl, and would suggest someone starting out a fun, cute Rebel XTI.

Q: What famous model would you most like to work with?

A:  Without a doubt, my favorite model of all time and my idol as a child is Helena Christensen.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Model/Stuntman Shawn Alli


Shawn Alli is a model and stuntman, here is a link to his fan page:


Q: What made you interested in modeling?


A:  Looking back I always wanted to be a Nascar driver, till one day (out the blues) I was asked to be a Model for a friend of mine’s Project. I was so natural and fun to work with that the photographer recommended for me to try out Modeling Field and here I am shooting for International Magazine, Commercials and now slowly working my way up into Acting Field.

Q: What is your strangest work story?

A:  Galli, I got so many of those but the most amazing and fun work story I can remember right of the rocket would be when I was 16 and was sent to spy on my Father. You believe that? My own Mother had my spying on my Father and paid me in M&M’s lol.. A story I can’t forget..

Q: What other kind of jobs have you done and why is modeling better?

A:  I’ve done from cashier work to business’s man work and comparing that to modeling. It is WAY fun and different, I mean you are your own boss and just live in those moments that gets to be captured by the camera for a lifetime, where you can always look back and relate to it.

Q: What is your greatest professional triumph?

A:  My Greatest Professional Triumph was being Ranked #1 in the USA for America’s next top Denim Dude and shooting Aeropostale‘s Commercial.

Q: What was your biggest goal?

A:  Even though I have been Aeropostale’s next denim dude and was Ranked into the top #50 Hottest Male Models in the USA for my Unique looks but YET I have something more thrilling that will be my biggest Triumph for a while. so stay tuned for this ONE since I’m starting to love Acting ;)..

Q: What is your dream modeling job?

A:  My Dream Modeling Job would be to do runway for Dolce & Gabbana, I mean come on who wouldn’t want to?

Q: Is there anything you would not want to advertise?

A:  I’m the Opposite, before I take off from Modeling World I want to be able to make sure that I have advertised everything in the Modeling industry.

Q: What kind of stunt work have you done?

A:  Stunt Work? Now we talking, since I love speed and have owned many race car’s and motorcycle’s which don’t last long since I have a bad habit of either wrecking them or doing something that jeopardizes them.. This might help, few weeks ago, I hit 190MPH in the backstreet quarter mile where I almost “died” I don’t know what I was thinking but HEY what kind of man I be if I don’t love challenges. set up a time and I be there. ” I live my life on Quarter Mile as there’s no tomorrow”.

Q: What photographers would you most like to work with?

A:  Since I love being on front of the Camera. I wish to work with “Yousuf Karsh“…. Darn it. I just looked up he died in 2002, well my 2nd one on the list would be Scott Kelby, just because of how he view photography and is able to bring something Astonishing on the table on all his shoots.

Q: What makes you fame worthy?

A:  Not being conceded but since I get daily compliments on my unique looks then YES that’s what makes me Fame worthy, I mean come on, let’s face it. Industry will only represent you if you are capable of unique looks, which I am thankful to my Parents for giving me Middle Eastern “chromosomes”..



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)