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An Interview With Bless & Clear Owner Gillian Harris




Gillian Harris is the owner of Bless & Clear, which is a business that focuses on sacred ceremonies. She also owns Valet of the Dolls which is an all-female valet company; here is a link to the Bless & Clear website:


Q: What inspired you to start Bless & Clear?


A: People need metaphysical services. I wanted to create a place where they could come and find a practitioner in the area of their situation or need.


Along with being a medium, channel and intuit, I’m a Light Worker. Have been one my entire life but began to work with Light consciously in the mid 1990s. A Light Worker is anyone who goes about moving energy consciously in service to others. By this, I mean the literally moving of energy; the at-will push, pull, drawing, mapping, blessing and clearing of energy! Clearing negative energy, calling in & expanding positive energy.  I guess, this love of manipulating energy, especially on behalf of myself or someone else’s wellbeing is why I was drawn to Reiki around 2001. Over several years I climbed the ladder of knowledge in this field and was eventually anointed a Reiki Master. Being a master only means that I commit to teaching others about Reiki; life energy and how to use it for healing people, places, things…

By 2012 I’d fulfilled requirements through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations and was ordained as a Minister. I needed to figure out what to DO with that (!).  First thing I thought of was how much I enjoy House Blessing ceremonies.  I LOVE them.  I don’t necessarily LOVE House CLEARINGS; certain types I love, certain types I don’t!  In the beginning of the company, I hadn’t done many. Especially not the ones with angry entities and truly spooky stuff going on where ya might get hit by a flying whatnot! But I had a friend! Buddy and fellow minister Lori Camacho had done scores and scores of these spooky clearings. So when we started I said the plan is, “I’ll bless, you clear!” Lol! There are now more ministers to pick from and I do a number of clearing (peaceful ones!) myself!


So the initial intention of Bless & Clear was focused on sacred ceremonies to bless and clear homes, businesses, projects and eventually relationships.  We do a slew of wonderful weddings.  In the last year, we’ve also begun to see a growing number of request for Conscious Decoupling ceremonies (which is a blessing and clearing, by the way) which I’ve found can be as blissful as nuptials!!

I guess the short answer is: I started the company because, I love to bless and clear stuff!!!


Q: How would you define metaphysics?


A: Metaphysics is that field of philosophy that deals with what some call SPOOKY stuff cuz they can’t see it with their own eyes! Lol! Concepts like knowingness, consciousness, cause and effect, time, space, being(ness).  I like to say that simply: Meta means outside of. Physical means physical! So, Metaphysical is – in real basic terms, outside of the physical. Reiki is Metaphysical. Prayer is also metaphysical. When the phone rings and you already know who it is – you’re in the midst of a metaphysical experience! Entities or…PEOPLE who no longer have bodies and are still in earth realm and show up as foggy or other types of forms – are metaphysical! Metaphysics is the rest of life! It’s the part most overlooked but people are deeply fascinated by stuff outside the physical. Hence all the metaphysical type TV shows as well as the success of rock and crystal shops! There is a growing appeal for these stones and gems that we now know carry wonderful energy to enhance our lives as they work…metaphysically.


Q: What is a transition midwife?


A: A friend. A companion during this extremely sacred chapter.  Just as entering this incarnation was, exiting this lifetime is also a …BIRTH.


Transition Midwifery is especially sought by or for those in the midst of a conscious transition. Meaning, they know their time in this incarnation is ending soon. They may have questions about crossing. They may merely want the companionship of someone who is not afraid. Someone they can express feelings to that they may not feel comfortable expressing to loved ones who are already oh so fragile at this time.


And then…things can happen during this chapter for a transitioning person. Very ‘metaphysical’ things.  In my book, ‘The Secrets of Lost; The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence’ I write about the medical term, ‘terminal lucidity’.  Part of this kind of lucidity involves the awareness of visits from relatives and friends from across the veil. Gathering to assist in your crossing, to many people transitioning, the disincarnate loved ones are as clear as day and there is very lucid conversation. There are other ways terminal lucidity reveals itself.  Friends and family may unwittingly discount or interrupt these metaphysical interactions. A transition midwife comes in handy now! She is not only there for the transitioning one, but for their loved ones and can offer understanding of what is happening.

Depending on the midwife’s spiritual orientation she will have a set of tools to offer in the experience; In my case, intuition, mediumship, channeling and an acknowledged relationship, connection, oneness with Spirit. So, prayer is also a tool I offer if the patient desires. – And to be honest, I’ve also done it silently with those who don’t want prayer. The Transition Midwife’s overall intention is to hold the person transitioning in the Light during their entire experience. This is a moving energy, again! This time a conscious infusion of love energy is what I mean by holding someone in the Light.
My shortest time working with a patient has been 3 days. Most seem to be around 2 weeks to a month. Longest was seven months (42 year old man. A real fighter!). The theme of my work is sharing the eternal nature of life and the fact that we are not our bodies. We exist just fine without them. Many times I’ve heard myself tell someone, “You and me, right now, are as dead as dead gets! Now, you may not feel very good right now. You can’t run around the room and your BODY is dying but YOU are not!”


Q:  What is the procedure for, “transitioning from this life to the next?”


A: When we lift from our bodies because there is no more life in it (the physical body) there is a familiarity in the experience. I venture to say this is because we’ve done it so many times!  I often hear myself speak of the body death experience as one where, when it’s done, or when we’re done with IT, we “pop” out of our bodies!  But we don’t really POP!  It’s more of a floating. Once the physical body dies all we’ve got is our spirit body which now is operating only with its natural spirit tools. Same tools we have while were doing physical incarnations, by the way, but for most of us, while in the human experience we are mesmerized by all things solid. But now, here we are, in the spirit world…on the other side of an actual veil. This veil has been described many ways, by those who’ve actually seen it, touched it, crossed it. I have crossed it a plethora of times but have only see it once. There are others who have seen it regularly. One of the best descriptions I heard is that it is a very sheer – like, ULTRA sheer sheet – like fabric but not solid…and can be translucent and of course, is penetrable.  Again, when I cross I’ve personally don’t see it regularly but the time I did, it was not only shear and like a sheet, it had color like it was made from the fibers of angel hair. I can never feel the veil, only the clear difference of being on the other side of it.

I’ve heard from one disincarnates’ testimony that crossing over is like “walking from one room to the next”.  Another phenomenon comes when the transition is because of a violent death. Like a car crash where the person’s BODY stops at the windshield but the PERSON continues through. Kinda like, ‘whoops! Forgot my body!’ And after hovering for a few and checking out the crash site… Recognizing the car and the fact the body within, used to be theirs – a person can feel very disoriented in suddenly realizing, they are no longer inside that body and in fact… may be dead. If resuscitated and it was meant to be that they continue on in this incarnation, they’ll pop back into that body, go through motions with it until it heals and then if meant to be for them, they remember and be able to tell you all about that wild experience of looking down on the accident. If their body doesn’t survive because of its injuries AND/OR because the persons’ life curriculum means they are to move on from this incarnation, while hovering over the accident site, they could be met by an angel, spirit guide or loved one(s) who has(have) already crossed.  For the transitioned, sadness (if there is any) is tied to their continuing bond with their loved ones here in the physical, who are in deep grief and despair over their departure. There can even be frustration for the now transitioned person, as they are unable to bring peace of mind to them by letting them know they are alive n kickin’ and doing just fine!


What happens next? Gosh. There’s a whole assortment of things that could happen or ways the next part plays out and it has, has a lot to do with each individuals’ life curriculum. Will they leave their body and hover in earth realm because of an attachment they have here or a resistance to moving forward? Maybe. Depends. Will moving forward mean they need to stop for a bit in the ‘in between’ and do a ‘life review’? I’ve heard repeatedly, that this happens! I’ve heard it from Near Death survivors. I’ve heard it from disincarnates. And in this review, we are actually RE-EXPERIENCING EMOTION!  But here’s the kicker, it’s not just emotions that you had in different situations throughout your life. It’s the emotions we lead other people to have! – That can be good…and bad, depending on the choices you’ve made in your interactions! I suppose this part could feel a little purgatory-ish! Good news is, it happens in a relative ‘flash’! Phew!


I’ve learned (from disincarnates and near death survivors) of an instant feeling and knowingness of their continuing ALIVENESS and how much more easily it is now to connect with and understand (effortlessly) ones’ self as an ‘Eternal Spirit Being’ yet understanding that this is nothing new. They are now the same spirit being they were when they were gallivanting around Earth living as Marge the nurse in Minot North Dakota or Walter the orange grove guy Yettum California. Again, what happens next is …very individual. And there does seem to be steps. Entering an incarnation is much faster than exiting one. It’s the process of exiting one that readies us to enter another! When we’re ready – ZOOM! But where will we go next?!  Will it be another physical lifetime?! – Or an incarnation at a totally different vibration – maybe a non-physical incarnation in a different dimension? I’ll stop here on this before I accidentally write another book!


Q: When did you realize you were a clairvoyant?


A: I realized it, long after I experienced it! The experiences may have started when I was younger but it wasn’t until I was around 10 years old when I started….seeing stuff and…going places!! Involuntary cross dimensional astral projection. And even then, I didn’t realize I was clairvoyant! Didn’t even know the word!! I was clairsentient, too. Didn’t know that either!! This is back in the day when I had never heard the words astral projection. I astral projected many times as a kid and would only realize what happened when I’d suddenly return to my body standing out field playing …baseball or whatever I was doing. Terrifying! And I never told ANYONE this was happening. At most, I asked a friend in my presence, “hey, did I just look really weird just now?” And they’d say “no”! I’d be stunned. It felt liked been gone for 30 minutes! But actually the travel probably took a split second.  I remember the day I prayed for this to stop. And so it was and for quite a while. I stopped astral projecting especially. I seriously didn’t get that, then! Lol! The rest was gentler. Premonitions were plentiful but never startling. I didn’t know that I was experiencing anything unusual.  And I think The Universe let me ease into it by not introducing my clairaudience when I was really young. Clairaudience began about 20 years ago….


So it was gradual. I started to realize my gifts slowly.. Clairvoyance. Clairsentience. Clairaudience. Most of this blossoming in my late 20s and 30s! After a while I realized I am a natural medium. I then learned I am also a channel. I’d say these realizations each unfolded as a layer (each layer, an ability and gift), one at a time, over a couple of decades. And… the realizations haven’t stopped…



Q: How did you go about setting up your business Valet of the Dolls?


Dude… that was a total accident! (There’s no such thing as an ‘accident’).  My 20 year radio career ended. While trying to get my next radio gig, I took on a little job with a local female valet company because I thought it was just the coolest thing I’d ever heard of! All female valets?! What?! The owner of that company wanted to sell. No one was biting at the price she was asking so, charmed with the business concept, I offered to run the company for her, “$10 an hour. Teach me how to do it. If I like it and if I’m good at it, I’ll buy it from you!”

After 3 months working for her as a valet, I was suddenly Operations Manager. Exhausted with the business, she trained me for 2 weeks and then, basically, disappeared!  I held the position of Op. Mgr. for 19 months. During that time grew her company from 35 valets to more than 100 enabling the company to grow from 200+ parties per year to more than 400. She’d never experienced that kind of profit! Long story short, she rejected all FIVE of my offers and then… she fired me! Lol!


Thing is, there was never a non-compete promise between us so, with a new skill that I absolutely LOVED and a small army of 20 experienced valets who were also my friends pushing me forward, I prayed for a great name and brainstormed for three days. ‘Valet Of The Dolls’ was what I got. The name itself was so intensely – ridiculously – amazing I KNEW without QUESTION I was supposed to move forward.

Our doors opened on 03/03/03!  It was a truly hefty process.  There’s A LOT to this business. The work is illusive but oh so real!! I basically set the company up single handedly but am completely clear I had (have) a team of guides who lead me through the process!


Q: What is your strangest work story?
A: Strange? Or Scary?!  In the strange category – Valet Of The Dolls does roughly 600 private events per year. An easy 50% of our clientele is ‘Hollywood’.  People who can afford to do things like, parade an elephant down the beach as part of a birthday party for an 8 year old, a helicopter landing on the property as part of a mitzvah! Oh! A super strange one was a wedding we did on a Tuesday, midday, and the father of the bride (who arranged our service) wanted the valets to dress as a variety of super heroes! The valets dressed this way did NOT correlate with any theme happening with the rest of the wedding! Truly a weird thing! But hey- if the customer wants super heroes – that’s what they get!

As a Minister: the strangest story has to be the house clearing I did when a disincarnate physically attacked me. That…was NOT cool! Didn’t hurt, though!!! His contact felt like a very, very light electrical current! Strange, for sure!


Q: What does a house blessing entail?
A: First there is an assessment by the Light Worker to determine if there are any energies that need to be removed before beginning. Clearings are not only to evict spirits but the imprints left behind by ‘emotional energy’. That debris is actually contagious so needs to be cleared – or HEALED. A clearing is REALLY a ‘healing’.  Even if the intention is only to do a house BLESSING and not a clearing – there is still a little clearing/healing to do. Kind of like dusting and vacuuming. It’s not a big dramatic deal but needs to be done! (Regularly!)  The occupants are asked to do some actual housekeeping prior to the ceremony. Open windows and let fresh air in. The one conducting the ceremony will also have asked the occupants if there are any intentions they would like to set for the home and/or themselves while they live in the home. These elements are incorporated into the ceremony.

The ceremony uses aroma therapy and different stones are placed strategically. The types of stones are dependent upon each person/home/situation. There are sounds, voice, singing bowls, bells or other tools can be used to enhance the movement of energy. My effort is always to call Spirit into the dwelling and may also beckon the assistance of certain guides and Archangels to assist in the process of anointing, purifying energetically, the building and the aforementioned intentions of those who live (or work) there. The blessing comes with gratitude …it is done. And so it is. The blessing portion of a House blessing ceremony actually seals the healing and empowers all intentions and results of love infused.


Q:  What made you leave broadcasting?
A: Spirit did it.

I loved radio so much, I would have done it FOREVER! How was I supposed to know there could possibly be anything more exciting and wonderful than what I was doing?!
Seriously. The Universe/Creator/Source of all Life – whatever you wanna call it – had TRIED to tell me numerous times to open my mind and branch out into the world. But I was like, “huh? No way! I don’t care that I don’t make enough money and work too many hours I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!” I did thoroughly love radio! Like, to the bone! I loved my listeners. I was one of the only drive time radio announcers who actually answered the request line! I was IN LOVE with my job. So I said, “no thanks Universe, I’ll just stay here”.  To that, the Universe had to take desperate measures.

My radio station was sold! I’d survived that before only thing is, this time, the format would be Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish! Not even a little bit! I studied French for three years and don’t even speak THAT! So after an amazing 20 year run, my daily life on the radio was over. I didn’t know it until my life in the valet business gave me new vision! At that point I stopped looking for more radio work!

Q: How do you, “consciously uncouple” someone?


A: Decoupling. Uncoupling. Tomato. Tomahto! I refer to it as Conscious Decoupling.  It started for me as a ‘CEREMONY’. And in fact, in 2012 when starting Bless & Clear one of the many sacred ceremonies we immediately made available was the ‘Divorce Ceremony’. Over time I realized, this type of ceremony needed to be available to people who were not married but are ending their romance. So, the term became a Conscious Decoupling Ceremony! The ceremony is really the icing on the cake – the true conscious decoupling starts prior to the ceremony. The processing is where one gets to be conscious.
Conscious decoupling doesn’t pretend there is no pain to a romantic break up. On the contrary, I advise people that the emotions they experience during the break up are important and are the yellow brick road to the places within that are in need of healing. These wounded places most likely existed long before you met the person you’re breaking up with. Its accumulated baggage, stuffed for so long and now by way of this break up, is bubbling to the surface; unresolved issues – hurt from misperceptions from a faulty belief system that may be fueling your pain and influencing the outcome of our life experiences! So ultimately, conscious decoupling is a process where your intention is to get back to heal – get clear – and grow into joy and self-empowerment as you can then more easily go about to create whatever it is you like!


So, as you can see, the real work comes prior to the ceremony. Many people have already done that work and come to me just for the ceremony. Others need guidance with that processing so that they are READY for the ceremony! Otherwise… it would be like getting to the part of your wedding where you’re supposed to say “I Do” but…you’re not actually sure yet!
In this ceremony the couple celebrates their relationship; what it was, what it is and genuinely wishes the best for each other as they go forward now, individually. There’s a moment where each shares why they fell in love in the first place, how they’ve grown as a result of the relationship. Judgements have been released PRIOR to the ceremony (in processing!). So it is easy to do the part of the ceremony where each basks in forgiveness – especially SELF forgiveness. They may have prepared vows for each other and they can read those.  Ultimately, the rite of passage blesses each of them as well as the transformation of their relationship because it hasn’t ended. It has only changed.

For those who want this but haven’t reached place where they can comfortably and eagerly cover all the parts of this loving ceremony, I offer short series of coaching sessions to assist in the processing necessary to clear and rise to a place of authentic joy, again. Once in that place, not only have you done the work to consciously decouple, you are now in a place where you can consciously create your life and include in it, the bliss you ultimately want!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.


An Interview with Hostile Haunts Specialist Founder Laurie Champion Fotinos




Laurie Champion Fotinos is the founder of Hostile Haunts Specialist; here is a link to the website:


Q:  What is Hostile Haunts Specialist?

A hostile haunts specialist is someone who figures out and resolves hostile or extreme hauntings. While we specialize in those kinds of haunts most of our cases turn out to be just harmless spirits that have an agenda that is not bad, or may even be beneficial to the persons they are interacting with on some level. For example: We had a grandmother haunting and scaring a little boy out of the bathtub in his new home. After establishing communication with her we learned that there was a dangerous mushroom mold in the wall behind the tile. This was confirmed upon inspection of the wall behind the tile. She saved the boy from serious illness.

Q:  What qualifies you as a haunting specialist?
A: I went through one of the worst haunting experiences from childhood. As a teen I resolved it myself. From there out I have studied, experimented and helped others who are going through haunting. I have 36 years in the field now, working with hauntings. I also am an EVP specialist with hundreds of hours in, perfecting the cleaning and clearing up of the sound files to understand the words being said on tape. Due to inexperience with sounds, and working with EVP, most investigators miss about 80 percent of their evps.

Q:  Why don’t you charge for your services?
A: I do not charge for my services because I do this as a “calling” to help people, and I feel any kind spiritual work done, should be offered for free. If I go into a bad haunting I want, protection and assistance from the powers that be. In order to have that I have to have pure intention. I can not be there for the purpose of self gain or I can not win the day against a truly evil entity. Often spirits that do want to hurt people will choose the underdog that is already weak on some level. Many of my clients are poor people that could never afford to pay anyway. Also you can not charge for something that you can not guarantee to work. There are some hauntings that will never be resolved , so how can you ever guarantee anything?

Q:  What kind of a day job do you have and how does it affect your paranormal work?
A: I used to be a professional ballerina and dance teacher/choreographer for many years. My work did not entail really long hours and left me some time to work in the field. I had to keep more on the down low though, because I did not want my students or their folks to be put off by my other vocation. That was the only thing that in any way affected my work in the para field. After I retired in 2008 I was able to devote fulltime to HHS, and no longer had to keep a lower profile.
Q:  What made you interested in hauntings?

A:  I was a weird kid, I was able to see things, know things etc. that other people didn’t. seeing spirits came with that also. After the haunting experience I referred to in question 2, I knew this was my calling.

Q:  What causes a ghost to haunt a house?
A: Surprisingly, spirits do not haunt houses as much as we think they do. They hang around whatever or whoever they loved. If they had the best time of their lives in their home, they might return to it, but this seldom really happens. Usually it is the living people they interact with that are the draw, as spirits watch over us and often try to intervene or get our attention when they feel we are in need of their guidance. Spirits also haunt in other circumstances as well, such as when someone has been murdered? Spirits also haunt those who are hurting their living loved ones. There are so many reasons, just as there are with living people who have issues and situations. With the current ghost hunting craze, everyone and their brother is now out there, calling out spirits for thrills, or other shallow reasons. These ghost hunting thrill seekers then become fair game to the spirits revenge for the annoyance of such disrespect. This is why many ghost hunting individuals wind up haunted. It is the spirits’ way of teaching them that it is wrong to do this.

Q:  What kinds of haunting problems have you had to deal with?
A: Most of the cases we get are not truly hostile at all, most are family haunts, where a relative just wants the family to know about something or resolve something that can only be done here. We have also dealt with spirits of murder victims, missing persons who are deceased and others who just cannot rest until they get closure. On occasion we have had some hostile spirits that intend to do harm. Some were just evil in life and evil in death, and others were justifiably angry and haunting for revenge. Some haunting are karmic in nature.

Q:  What has been your most challenging case?
A: Because of client confidentiality I cannot tell details but the most challenging case is when the spirit talks to us via EVP but will not give us anything to go on as far as figuring out what they want or why they are there. Then you have to change gears and approach the entire investigation over in a different way and keep at it until you get to the bottom of it.

Q:  Why do you think people are skeptical about ghosts?

A: I think that some people prefer to not acknowledge that which they are afraid of, others may refuse to believe in something not proven by science. Some people I have met, do not believe in ghosts per say but only in demons as their religious beliefs dictate that human spirits cannot interact with us and that anything haunting must be a demon from Hell.

Q:  What are Elemental Spirits?
A: Wow, this is such a broad question because the true answer is not going to be anywherenear complete. I have learned a bit about elemental spirits, especially from one of my cases I worked for months. When most people think of elemental spirits they automatically think spirits of earth, air, water, fire etc. This is just the beginning. There are animal elemental spirits, so many of them. The possibilities for different kinds of elemental spirits, are so numerous and at this point. We just don’t know the full extent of it and may never know, at least not in this life. This is something that has always fascinated me the most and I want to learn more and more about it.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)