FAQ’s and Eight Simple Rules for Interview Subjects.





Q: Can I decided what the focus of the interview will be about? 

A: If an interviewee would like to be asked about a particular project then he or she should suggest the project before receiving his or her questions. If an interview subject does not specify a project, he or she will be asked about the last project that is listed on his or her resume.

Q: Who writes the questions?

A: I (Eliza) write all the questions, introductions, headlines and tags myself. An interview subject does not get to write his or her own questions or introductions.

Rewriting a question or not answering all of  your questions will result in your interview not being published. If an interviewee rewrites a question and sends the answers to me  to me thinking I won’t notice (yes, someone did this),  that person should  not expect to here from me again. All persons being interviewed agree to provide a picture, either of themselves or their work.

Q: I notice that you almost always ask people about their day jobs. I am the next Brad Pitt, must I discuss my day job?

A:  Yes you must! I am not a professional journalist, I am  a forty nine year old customer service representative. I make a little extra money here and there by blogging, but it would never be enough to pay all of my bills and I do  not live an extravagant lifestyle. Every morning I get up, get dressed and swallow the red pill.

All persons with dream jobs such as actors, writers and musicians will be asked what they do to pay the bills. Subjects do not have to say where they work – just what kind of work they  do -it can be very general.

If  a subject makes a living as a professional entertainer, writer, blogger, psychic, self help guru, filmmaker or life coaching he or she will be asked to provide  one of the following:

  1. A resume with checkable references.
  2. An IMDB page with a long list of guest starring roles on shows that are currently  on the air or ran on a network or pay cable station for long enough that it is conceivable you are living off the residuals.(I have an idea what guest staring roles and short films pay.)
  3. You can also tell me the name of your business and what state it is registered in and I will look up the business registration.
  4. If you are a full time professional writer and make your living this way. Please send links to all the major publications (the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The London Times) that have reviewed your books. Or you can send me the name of your agent.
  5. You can just admit you have a trust fund, a pension or an understanding significant other.

The only exception to this rule is if you are in actuality Brad Pitt.

If  a subject has no day job and can’t provide references proving that they have a full time, bill paying dream job then he or she  must be willing to  explain  how he or she pays for food and rent. ( sugar daddy, 420 distributor, magical powers?)

(This rule will be strictly enforced  for interviewees who agree to participate after 1/4/16)

If you are really the next Brad Pitt you will be happy to talk about your day job . Look at what Brad once shared with the media. A picture of himself working his day job……bpc2

Q: How long will I have to answer my questions?

A: Interview subject are asked to complete questions within two weeks or to provide a date that the questions will be turned in. If an interview subject feels uncomfortable with the questions that he or she has  been asked, has an emergency or simply changes his or her mind about the interview, the interview subject must e mail me and tell me that they have changed their mind and why. Beginning (1/4/16) those individuals who do not answer their questions and do not contact me to tell me why, will have their name and questions listed on the “Page of Flakes.”

Q: I have read my interview 200 times and I was wondering if I could change one of my answers.

A: Interview subjects may not change answers after publication; of course not. It doesn’t matter if you are Brad Pitt and you are about to divorce Angie to take back Jennifer Aniston while running for president.

Q: I am in the witness protection program and do not have an online existence. Can I be interviewed?

A: An  Interview subject must be able to provide a link to a webpage that is associated with his or her work. ( It can be any webpage at all. Twitter, Facebook, your own site, anything.)

Q: Will you edit my answers?


A:  All  answers are unedited for many reasons. For one thing, I am not a professional copy editor and would not feel comfortable editing what I perceive as a mistake. I also hate the way the mainstream media turns people into a products, I want to show people who my subjects really are. Interviewees must answer all questions for themselves with no assistance from anyone.

(An exception will be made for the spelling of proper names. if you have misspelled a proper name after publication, please notify me.  pronto. If I spell your name wrong please notify me at once.)

Q: I have a small business and am looking to promote it. What are the rules for me?

A: I understand that part of the motivation for participating in an interview is to promote yourself. However, I am not a publicist and I try to be as objective as I can in the interviews. A small business owner should expect his or her questions to be challenging.

If you have a job that requires a licence I will check to make sure that licence is current.


(Please note; sometimes the spacing on questions and answers does not translate properly from Word to WordPress. It can take hours to fix and sometimes it  is impossible to fix.  I regret this problem, but simply cannot spend hours trying to fix it.)

Once you have read the rules and if you agree to them, please reply to your interview request with the  agreement statement.

Agreement Statement:  I (your name) have read the 8 simple rules and agree to each of them.






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