One Simple Rule for Publicist, Managers and Other Such Folks

If a publicist wants me  to interview one of his or her clients he or she must provide me with the clients direct email address, and not just forward the request to their client. This is a rule because I do all of my interviews via Email and state that all of the answers are unedited and come directly from the fingertips of the subjects. I must have direct evidence that the answers came from the interview subjects and not the publicist (or someone claiming to be the publicist.)

Once an interview subject has directly accepted an interview request I will send the questions to him or her and copy the publicist on  that and all future correspondence.

In the past many publicist have accepted an interview for their client without ever having asked the client if they want to do the interview. Unsuspectingly, I have taken much of my valuable time to write questions and ended up getting no response.

If a publicist represents Brad Pitt and thinks that Mr. Pitt would not want a freak like me to know his email, please have him  send me a video of himself stating that he has read two interviews and agrees to the 8 Simple Rules. Or set up an Email for him at  a company’s website such as