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An Interview With Yoga Instructor/Blogger Jessica Tyner

Jessica Tyner is a blogger and yoga instructor. She currently resides in Costa Rica. Here is a link to her blog:


Q: What inspired you to start a yoga blog?

 A: Get it Ohm! is in its early stages, but what better way to get the word out? Let’s face it, I offer karma (free) yoga classes which means I have no paid advertising. Word of mouth has always been one of the best (if not the best) ways to spread messages. Blogging is the virtual equivalent with the added bonus of getting information straight from the horse’s (ahem, yogi’s) mouth – perhaps while in horse pose.

   Q: How did you first get into blogging?

 A: As a freelance writer, many of my clients/projects are blog-based. Currently I blog for everything from a Boston flower shop to a London arts organization. Get it Ohm! is the first blog I’ve created for my own project.

 Q: Do you think it’s possible to make a living from blogging?

A: Absolutely, I do make a living from blogging. I regularly juggle about eight projects at a time including blogging, SEO writing, web content creation, grant proposals, and advertising. I enjoy having a variety of different types of writing for different kinds of organizations. However, had I decided to focus solely on blogging as my income, it would be very doable.

 Q: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

A: I regularly check out Cake Wrecks and Diary of a White Indian Housewife – obviously for very different reasons. Cake Wrecks is a way to feed my inner 20-something that wanted to go to Paris to study patisserie while I was living in London during my graduate program. I like the ridiculous wrecks set off by some of the most incredible pieces of cake art imaginable. Diary of a White Indian Housewife is one of my regularly checked out blogs because it’s difficult to find someone who has already gone through what I’m facing. Talking with friends about relationships is great, but it really takes someone who’s been on a similar path to relate.

Q: What sort of blogs don’t you like?

I wouldn’t know because I don’t read them. I don’t seek out blogs for blogs sake. I’m usually perusing for something in particular and stumble upon them.

A: What is the biggest misconception about yoga?

There are a lot. That it’s expensive (it can be). That it’s too hard. That it’s all uber-crunchy and spiritual. That you have to “look” a certain way, live a certain lifestyle, or have certain interests to enjoy it. I created Get it Ohm! as a means to allow communities access to yoga that might otherwise not have it, or might not be comfortable in the yoga studios that are available.

Q: What will you miss most about Costa Rica?

A: Immediate access to a (warm) beach. The Oregon coast simply can’t compare when you feel like swimming.

Q: What won’t you miss about it?

A: The sheer loudness of the city, the dirt, the inconvenience (it often takes a full day just to take care of business at the bank), the traffic, and the bars and razor wire around every house.

Q: What type of yoga do you like best and why?

A: My personal practice is Vinyasa with a peppering of Hatha and Hot Yoga. I began practicing with Vinyasa, which is a flow movement connected to breath. It had very little spirituality woven through it and is guaranteed to work up a sweat. To decompress I like taking a hot yoga class – plus going outside after being in a hot room always feel amazing.

Q: If someone doing yoga in their jammies fell on the floor while attempting downward dog, and no one heard them, would they be embarrassed?

A: It depends on the person. But not nearly as embarrassing as if they were attempting savasana.

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