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An Interview With Actor And TV Host Lawrence Chau


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Lawrence Chau is the host of Ghostly Encounters; here is a link to his website:





Q:   How did you become involved with Ghostly Encounters?


A: Via an audition.  It was that simple.  The producer, Brian Dennis was in the room and he was stunned after my read. Stunned could mean I either bombed or I did well.  Fortunately, it was the latter.  The callback with the executive producer, Phyllis Platt, however, wasn’t as smooth.  I nearly didn’t make it because there was a mix-up with the location (different address) and a snowstorm was brewing.  I got there all flustered.  Casting said take a breath and come in when you’re ready.  I went in and did a good script read.  However, I think the nail on the coffin was the enthusiasm in which I shared my own paranormal stories with them.  They didn’t just want a host, they wanted a believer.



Q:   Why do you think people are so fascinated with the paranormal?


A: The mystery of the unknown is a natural magnet for curiosity.  This applies to the esoteric arts, aliens, ghosts, and even religion.   Strange things happen which science can’t explain or has yet to explain, and that is intriguing.



Q:   Have you had any paranormal experiences of your own?


A: Quite a few.  I remember resting at an empty park after the Chinese New Year festivities in Hong Kong. I was dozing off when a gust of wind blew and woke me up.  I look up from the bench and notice an apparition standing about 40 feet away.  Separating us is a giant circular flowerbed.  I get up.  The figure is motionless, just staring at me. I think, “Maybe he’s come out to do tai chi.” I glance at my watch.  It’s 2am.  No one comes out to do tai chi at 2am!  I start to walk around the flowerbed, wondering if I should approach him.  Then the figure starts to slowly bob up and down in an eerie, unnatural way. A chill races through me, but I force myself to keep walking with my eyes locked on him. Suddenly his head starts to turn in an Exorcist-like way following my every step around the perimeter of the flowerbed. That’s when I jettisoned out of the park. I wasn’t hanging around for a Linda Blair 360 degree head rotation!


Q:   What is your new short For Glory’s Sake about?


A: It’s a short film about an attorney (me), who gets to the truth about a female student athlete accused of juicing (using steroids) to compete.



Q:   What made you interested in the project?
A: I have a general rule when it comes to working on dramatic short films or independent films:  If the project is topical, controversial, and has some sort of social significance with a positive message, then I get involved.



Q:   What kind of day job or income source do you currently have and how does it influence your creative work?


A: I was fortunate to have carved out an illustrious showbiz career in Asia for ten years before returning home to Toronto and then relocating to Los Angeles where I currently live.   I was wise enough to invest the money I made in Asia in real estate.  This has afforded me the luxury of pursuing my passion for acting and other showbiz interests in North America, where it’s tough, especially for Asian male entertainers to cut a break. When the cameras aren’t rolling, I’m either collecting rent or flipping a property, though I’m weaning out of it. I didn’t want to be a typical struggling actor in L.A. waiting tables or bartending to make ends meet (besides I’d be awful at it). Mind you, I have great respect for actors, who do that.  It’s a hard life.  Believe me, I know what struggling is.  Leaving Toronto for Hong Kong with two suitcases and $2000 and having to learn Cantonese in a foreign land and finding work was no easy feat.  I juggled multiple jobs at the same and barely slept.



Q:   Who are some of your acting influences?


A: Bradley Cooper because he’s managed to carve a sound acting career with creative control, that is, he is able to produce many of the films he stars in.  Plus, he defied the odds when a casting director said he wasn’t leading man material.  I’m all about defying the odds and breaking glass ceilings (Hey, I am one of the few Asian male entertainment hosts on air in America, right?).  Female-wise, I love Cate Blanchett.  I think she’s the next Meryl Streep.  Solid, solid, solid acting every time.





Q:   You say that Ghostly Encounters “went global.”  What exactly does that mean in layman’s terms?


A: Yes, it airs internationally on cable.  We started out in Canada on W Network and VIVA, and then it got picked up by BIO. in the U.S. in the early years.  It currently airs stateside on Destination America (as of last year), north of the border on OWN Canada, and most recently in Asia on Crime & Investigation TV.  I’m not involved with the production company and the deals it brokers with the cable companies; all I can say is: “It’s the show that keeps on giving.”


Q:   What is your oddest on-set story?


A: I wish I had an on-set Ghostly Encounter of my own to share, but nothing strange ever happened whilst filming at the old Crystal Ballroom atop the historic King Edward Hotel in Toronto.  No flickering lights, no slamming doors, no strange voices recorded on tape, no images captured on camera.  Nada.  Darn!



Q:   If you could interview the ghost of any celebrity, who would you pick and why?


A: Ooh, that’s a good question.  Probably Princess Diana.  Rumor has it she predicted her premature death in her own diary, and supposedly it involved a car.  Like I said, intriguing, right?


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects.




An Interview with Hostile Haunts Specialist Founder Laurie Champion Fotinos




Laurie Champion Fotinos is the founder of Hostile Haunts Specialist; here is a link to the website:




Q:  What is Hostile Haunts Specialist?

A hostile haunts specialist is someone who figures out and resolves hostile or extreme hauntings. While we specialize in those kinds of haunts most of our cases turn out to be just harmless spirits that have an agenda that is not bad, or may even be beneficial to the persons they are interacting with on some level. For example: We had a grandmother haunting and scaring a little boy out of the bathtub in his new home. After establishing communication with her we learned that there was a dangerous mushroom mold in the wall behind the tile. This was confirmed upon inspection of the wall behind the tile. She saved the boy from serious illness.

Q:  What qualifies you as a haunting specialist?
A: I went through one of the worst haunting experiences from childhood. As a teen I resolved it myself. From there out I have studied, experimented and helped others who are going through haunting. I have 36 years in the field now, working with hauntings. I also am an EVP specialist with hundreds of hours in, perfecting the cleaning and clearing up of the sound files to understand the words being said on tape. Due to inexperience with sounds, and working with EVP, most investigators miss about 80 percent of their evps.

Q:  Why don’t you charge for your services?
A: I do not charge for my services because I do this as a “calling” to help people, and I feel any kind spiritual work done, should be offered for free. If I go into a bad haunting I want, protection and assistance from the powers that be. In order to have that I have to have pure intention. I can not be there for the purpose of self gain or I can not win the day against a truly evil entity. Often spirits that do want to hurt people will choose the underdog that is already weak on some level. Many of my clients are poor people that could never afford to pay anyway. Also you can not charge for something that you can not guarantee to work. There are some hauntings that will never be resolved , so how can you ever guarantee anything?

Q:  What kind of a day job do you have and how does it affect your paranormal work?
A: I used to be a professional ballerina and dance teacher/choreographer for many years. My work did not entail really long hours and left me some time to work in the field. I had to keep more on the down low though, because I did not want my students or their folks to be put off by my other vocation. That was the only thing that in any way affected my work in the para field. After I retired in 2008 I was able to devote fulltime to HHS, and no longer had to keep a lower profile.
Q:  What made you interested in hauntings?

A:  I was a weird kid, I was able to see things, know things etc. that other people didn’t. seeing spirits came with that also. After the haunting experience I referred to in question 2, I knew this was my calling.

Q:  What causes a ghost to haunt a house?
A: Surprisingly, spirits do not haunt houses as much as we think they do. They hang around whatever or whoever they loved. If they had the best time of their lives in their home, they might return to it, but this seldom really happens. Usually it is the living people they interact with that are the draw, as spirits watch over us and often try to intervene or get our attention when they feel we are in need of their guidance. Spirits also haunt in other circumstances as well, such as when someone has been murdered? Spirits also haunt those who are hurting their living loved ones. There are so many reasons, just as there are with living people who have issues and situations. With the current ghost hunting craze, everyone and their brother is now out there, calling out spirits for thrills, or other shallow reasons. These ghost hunting thrill seekers then become fair game to the spirits revenge for the annoyance of such disrespect. This is why many ghost hunting individuals wind up haunted. It is the spirits’ way of teaching them that it is wrong to do this.

Q:  What kinds of haunting problems have you had to deal with?
A: Most of the cases we get are not truly hostile at all, most are family haunts, where a relative just wants the family to know about something or resolve something that can only be done here. We have also dealt with spirits of murder victims, missing persons who are deceased and others who just cannot rest until they get closure. On occasion we have had some hostile spirits that intend to do harm. Some were just evil in life and evil in death, and others were justifiably angry and haunting for revenge. Some haunting are karmic in nature.

Q:  What has been your most challenging case?
A: Because of client confidentiality I cannot tell details but the most challenging case is when the spirit talks to us via EVP but will not give us anything to go on as far as figuring out what they want or why they are there. Then you have to change gears and approach the entire investigation over in a different way and keep at it until you get to the bottom of it.

Q:  Why do you think people are skeptical about ghosts?

A: I think that some people prefer to not acknowledge that which they are afraid of, others may refuse to believe in something not proven by science. Some people I have met, do not believe in ghosts per say but only in demons as their religious beliefs dictate that human spirits cannot interact with us and that anything haunting must be a demon from Hell.

Q:  What are Elemental Spirits?
A: Wow, this is such a broad question because the true answer is not going to be anywherenear complete. I have learned a bit about elemental spirits, especially from one of my cases I worked for months. When most people think of elemental spirits they automatically think spirits of earth, air, water, fire etc. This is just the beginning. There are animal elemental spirits, so many of them. The possibilities for different kinds of elemental spirits, are so numerous and at this point. We just don’t know the full extent of it and may never know, at least not in this life. This is something that has always fascinated me the most and I want to learn more and more about it.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Psychic Teacher Kris Cahill

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Kris Cahill is a clairvoyant reader, energy healer, psychic teacher and radio host here is a link to her website:




Q:  How did you know you were psychic?

A: ‘Being psychic’ means being sensitive to and aware of energy, and is normal and human. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been sensitive to other people’s energy. When I was a child, I could walk into a room and know what each person in the room wanted or needed. I wanted to heal everyone and to make them feel better – these were some of my childhood thoughts. I often felt other people’s pain and knew what they were thinking, but I didn’t think any of this was strange. I didn’t know the difference.

I was very responsible. As an adult, this over-responsibility began to get in my way, making me sick with all of the energy I was taking on that I didn’t know what to do about. I had this idea that I needed to learn to ground myself. I wasn’t sure how to do this, or even what it meant, but I kept saying it.

In 1999, I received a call that changed my life. A woman called me wanting to buy one of my paintings. She invited me to come see the school she taught at, which turned out to be the Midwest Psychic Institute, (the school later re-created as InVision). I liked her and the school, and took a six week class called Psychic Meditation. I learned techniques such as grounding, non-judgment, creating and destroying, running energy, and I started putting the pieces together for myself. It became clear to me that I’d always been sensitive to and aware of energy, in other words, psychic. Once I began to let go of the energies I’d always been aware of, instead of carrying them with me, trying to solve them, or heal them, it became easier to use my abilities for fun things, like being clairvoyant and seeing energy. I am a lifelong visual artist, and clairvoyance is colorful, fun, and healing for me. I joined MPI’s year long intensive clairvoyant training, and it only became more real for me to be psychic.

Q:  How can I tell a real psychic from a fake one?

A: A fake psychic will tell you that you are cursed, and that only he or she can remove the curse, provided you pay her or him a large sum of cash. If you find yourself in front of one of these scam artists, run away.

A great psychic will say hello to your spirit, without judging you or telling you what to do. You will feel this deeply, as your own truth is touched upon. A real psychic will not judge you.

Always remember that nobody knows you better than you know yourself. If a psychic tells you something that you know in your heart isn’t true, don’t accept it as the truth. If you go to a psychic needing to be told what will happen in your life, as if it were already decided without you doing your own work, you will get what you ask for. That isn’t, in my view, the best use of a good psychic.

One of the greatest aspects about clairvoyance is that you must be in non-judgment in order to see clearly. This is why I see that more people turning on their clairvoyance will help to heal this planet. With the ability of clairvoyance running, we don’t need to judge each other, for we will be able to see that each of us is a unique being. The outer surface doesn’t begin to tell the story of that truth. Too often we judge the surface and miss the person completely.

Q:  What kind of classes did you take at InVision in Chicago?

A: Every class I took at InVision was designed to help me to see, heal, and know myself better. The greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself. It has nothing to do with fortune telling. We were taught to NOT predict the future, or tell anyone what they should do. Clairvoyant training was about learning to give a hello to someone’s spirit.

Specific classes I took include: Psychic Meditation, Energy Healing, Kundalini Energy, Clairvoyant Training, Women’s Healing, Teacher’s Training, Spiritual Autonomy, Trance Medium Training, Planetary Healer’s Training. When I became a teacher at InVision, I taught Psychic Meditation, Energy Healing, the Women’s Training, Creativity Class, Clairvoyant Training, Teacher’s Training.

Q:  How do you teach someone to be psychic?

A: Each of us is already psychic. We don’t need to be taught to be psychic, but we may not be aware of those abilities, or know how to turn them on and control them in a happy way – to be safe with them. It is helpful to learn how to make yourself safe before you learn to turn on your own abilities. You want to make sure that your body will be able to handle the higher vibration of your spirit at work, and grounding is a helpful tool for this. Before anyone is allowed to take the Clairvoyant Training at InVision, they must take the Psychic Meditation Class, which is the first class I took when I went there. This class alone is a game changer.

The yearlong clairvoyant training I enrolled in included one weekly class in which we learned how to look at various aspects of ourselves, at spirit, the energy system, and so much more. We gave readings to each other in class, as well as in the student readings. These are scheduled readings that outside people come in to receive, in which the students get to practice what they are learning. Teachers and advanced students oversee these readings, and the readings are wonderful, an important part of the training. There is a huge amount of spiritual growth that happens during this training. People often look very different when they graduate than they did when they began. They heal themselves, deeply.

The degree that each person decides to have or turn on her or his own abilities will vary. Halfway through my clairvoyant training, I knew that I wanted to teach this information, and it became my passion to do so. I continued my studies as a graduate at InVision, which also being on staff, teaching classes, helping to market the school, taking students and graduate readers to outside events to give readings, and creating my own readings and workshops.

Q:  What kind of rebirth are we experiencing on earth?


A: We are having a spiritual revolution – nothing less than a completely new way of seeing ourselves and each other! Oh yes, and … we need to remember to work with the earth, and stop trying to control and abuse her. We are in a long needed rebalancing of female and male energies, in which the long maligned and hidden female energies can become powerful again. Self love and self knowledge are the key to healing. If you know and love yourself, you cannot be controlled by other energies. I could write a book about this rebirth, it’s very exciting to me.

Q:  How did your radio show come about?

A: One day in January 2013, a friend named Vic Cohen called to ask me if I’d be a guest on his internet radio show, and I jumped at the chance. Meanwhile, I’d been walking around saying to myself ‘I want a radio show…’ – I’ve created so many things in my life this way.

That same night, I was on Vic’s show, ‘It’s a Fair Question’, talking about past lives. Vic is a comedian, and his show is funny, and he was also really interested in the topic. I gave him a past life reading on the air, it was all fun and validating. I’d been nervous beforehand but that faded quickly. It was much easier to talk into a live mic than I’d expected.

I called the owner of the station, and asked if I could have a show there. In February 2013, my show ‘Psychic Everyday’ debuted at SkidrowStudios.com out of downtown Los Angeles.  I do my show on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm PT. Skidrow Studios produces real radio on the internet. We also stream live video from the site, and all of the shows are available as free podcasts on iTunes.

Q:  Who was your most memorable guest?

A. I have no guests, but lots of callers. I have a weekly topic, and give free mini readings to callers on that topic. I talk about different aspects of this topic, and what it has to do with being psychic. My favorite recent shows include ‘Ghosts and Spirits’, ‘The Past Life Show’, ‘Scarcity is a Lie’, ‘Get In Your Body’, ‘Love Yourself and Start a Revolution’, and ‘Your Relationship With Money’.

I’ve done over 40 shows now, and my audience continues to build. I have people listening from all over the world, which is one of the great things about internet radio. I’ve had callers during my show from Germany and India, from coast to coast of this country. It’s really fun to connect with the world like this. People are very interested in their spiritual growth at this time in our evolution, which is really exciting.

In 2014, I’m adding some new features to my show, including a feature called the Everyday Psychic. I’ll invite guests on my show, not other working professional psychics, but people who use their abilities in their everyday life. I’ll interview them about how they use their intuition in their work or career, or their clairvoyance, non-judgment, knowing, and so on.


Q:  What do you like about L.A.?

A: I love the permission to reinvent myself and to become whatever I want. The weather is great, though that isn’t why I moved here. Mountains, deserts, the ocean, are all within a short drive. I grew up in the flatlands and it’s not flat here! The creativity all around inspires me – actors, writers, filmmakers, photographers, artists, musicians – these are my people, my friends, my students and clients. I’m a lifelong artist, and being psychic is my art form. Los Angeles is the perfect place for me to learn what I need to learn to grow my art at this time.

Q:  What do you miss most about Chicago?

A: Fireflies, family and friends, snow falling softly, the Art Institute, InVision, defined seasons. I do not miss winter, or the muggy steam of a Chicago August day. Sorry, Chicago.

Q:  What will happen to me next Thursday?

A:  I love this question, because it sets me up to talk about predictions, and why I never make them. First of all, whatever will happen to you next Thursday is going to depend, to a large degree, upon whatever you decide to create between now and then. The choices you make in every moment, the awareness or the unconsciousness you choose to embrace – all have an effect on what ‘happens’. It’s not chance, it’s energy.

Sometimes we create challenges for ourselves in order to grow and wake ourselves up. If we ignore our own inner truth, our heart’s call, our deepest longings, and try to live a life we think we should live instead of one that’s real, we may find ourselves one day facing a great waking up. That is what we are going through on earth now – the waking up. When someone is acting the victim to whatever ‘happened to them’, that person has given up power to outside energy, instead of harnessing it from within.

I no longer have clients coming to me who want me to predict their futures. I would rather say hello to those who want to grow, heal, and live from their own truth. Happily, those are the people who find me now.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

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An Interview With Psychic JoJo Savard




JoJo Savard is a psychic and life coach; here is a link to her website:





Q: When did you realize you were psychic?


A: At five, when I predicted my 2 year old brother’s death. At that age I was already reading cards and hands of family members.


Q: What kind of training did you have in astrology?


A: A Rolls Royce training! Masters degree in astrology from Shri Chandra Swamiji Maharaj Institute plus lots of professional training in numerology, palmistry, meditation and life coaching. I have Personal and Spiritual Development Counselor degree fromThe Ageless Wisdom Institute taught by Michael Benner and accredited by UCLA .


Q: What makes someone intuitive?


A: Someone that is more aware of their soul and the spiritual side of life. Everyone has an intuitive gift but some people have the ability to see the fields of energy in everything, more then others.


Q: What is the strangest question anyone has ever asked you as a psychic?


A: Does your thick blond hair, help your psychic abilities ? Like Samson the biblical character.


Q: What is the most common thing people ask you about?


A: Love and money. They often ask me where can learn more about astrology. I invite them to watch my free weekly video astrology show on my website JoJoSavard.com


Q: How can you tell a real psychic from a phony?


A: The color of their auras. When a psychic has the ability to see the past, then one can rely on  their predictions of  the future.  A real psychic sees the finished painting of one’s life potential and destiny.


Q: What other kinds of jobs have you had and how do they influence your perception?


A: I was blessed to work in my field since I can’t remember. I am a psychic in everything I do, even as a wife and mother. Also being a producer and TV host, author and public speaker, most of my life, gave me a voice, which allowed me to reach many people and uplift their soul energies so they can be free, powerful, healthy and the best they can be.


Q: What is the biggest challenge you face in running your business?


A: For me, in life there is no problems, only solutions. Everything happens for the better good. If it does not work one way, it just means that there is a better way to do it.


Q: What do people misunderstand about what you do?


A: Most of the time people don’t misunderstand they don’t know anything about it!  Real fairies, wizards and psychics are free thinkers, therefore always out of the box in their looks, speech and self expression.


Q: What going to happen to me next Tuesday?


A: As you think as your Tuesday will be. Think grandiose and it will shall be.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)