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An Interview With Fashion Designer Rachel Anson

 Rachel Anson is a local fashion designer who owns RM Fashion Design. Here is a link to her website:


Q: What made you want to be a fashion designer?

A: When I was 17 I entered a nationwide fashion contest on a whim and won! I won a tour of the Tommy Hilfiger studios, and I met Tommy himself. I was encouraged so much by the Hilfiger staff to go into fashion; I decided to start a small fashion company called Retro Modern. Soon after, I won a half tuition scholarship to the Art Institute of Orange County.

But honestly, this is just the beginning. I have so much more to learn. If you think my designs are great now, just wait. You haven’t seen the best of me yet!

Q: What is unique about your designs?

A: My style is retro with a twist. My inspiration comes from the past, but still sticks to today’s trends.

Everyone knows me for my prints. I hand screen-print and custom order all of them. I love to add new and creative elements to every design. Such as lip pockets, contrasting piping, or buttons. I want whoever wears my designs to feel one-of-a kind.

Q: What’s up with all the food jewelry?

A: I love to eat, so why not show my love for food in fashion. I came across sushi miniatures online, and they’re used as décor or to be played with. Honestly, what a waste! I’d rather wear a sushi set on a ring then have it displayed in my house. At least it has some use.

The cupcake rings were made to compliment my cupcake collection. It’s been a popular seller ever since! Besides, I love cupcakes. They are yummy and stylish.

Q: Do you plan to incorporate any mature fashions into your line?

A: My target market is age 16-25. It’s very young and fun and that’s what my clientele is. However, that’s my Retro Modern line. My private clients generally see my more “mature” side. Example, I just started on my wedding line which is completely different than my Retro Modern line that you see on my website. The collection is inspired by 1920s Chanel. It’s elegant, sleek, and romantic. It is exclusive only to private clients, and I’m not planning on opening it to the public until maybe next year.

As for creating a line for, let’s say age 25-30, I do have collections already designed and ready to go, but I prefer offering these to my private clients and custom orders. In the future I am planning on releasing these lines to the public, but I don’t want to rush it.

Q: Who are some of your design influences?

A: Betsey Johnson, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Dior. Those are just a few! I check out the new collections every season.

Q: What trends in fashion do you dislike?

A: Dark, black, and dramatic fashion. I’ve designed it in the past and it’s not me. I love elegance, bright, and fun. To me it’s a little depressing wearing all black.

Q: What sort of training have you had?

A: I’m self-taught mostly, but I took sewing courses in high school, and I’m currently in classes at the Art Institute of Orange County.

Q: What is your wildest work story?

A: Too many! I had to go over this question with my assistant. We couldn’t come up with just one. We were recently stuck in Hollywood due to a crazy sushi guy locking my car in his parking lot. I’ve been stuck in a room that was 90 degrees for 6 hours with fifteen models, trying to get them ready for a show.

“The humidity was awful,” my assistant recalls.

We had to spray the models with hairspray to keep their make-up from melting. I even worked with a photographer that insisted that red and green don’t complement each other. “It’s too green!” he told me. I’ve been through it all!

Q: What type of figure presents the most challenge for a fashion designer and why?

A: Every figure has its challenges. I’m willing to work with all shapes, it doesn’t bother me. So far I haven’t had a client that has presented a major trial with their size.

Q:  What was the greatest Oscar dress ever?

A: Audrey Hepburn in 1954 wearing a white Givenchy dress. Simple but glamorous.


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