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An Interview With Writer Michael Pang


Michael Pang is the author of In The Eyes Of Madness; here is a link to his website:




Q: What is In The Eyes Of Madness about?

A: IN THE EYES OF MADNESS is a Young Adult Paranormal Urban Fantasy by Michael Pang. It tells the story of a 17 year old boy who struggles between accepting the possiblity that extraordinary things can happen in the world we live in or the possiblity of impending insanity inherited through his mother. It is a journey of self discovery and embracing who you are.

Q: What gave you the idea for the story?

A: The idea for the novel came to me in a dream one night. I was surprised to be able to get into a deep enough sleep to dream. We (my wife and I) were new parents and our newborn was only a couple months old. What that meant was that we barely slept! So, it was kind of a miracle for me to even have such a vivid and amazing dream (or nightmare, I couldn’t really decide). When I woke from it, I tried going back to sleep, but it was no use. I couldn’t get the dream to continue. In the morning, I told my wife all about the dream and we decided that it made a good book idea. I was desperate to find out what happens in the end, but since I couldn’t get the dream to continue, I decided that I’d just have to write the rest of it myself.

Q: Why is Declan Peters a character worth reading about?

A: Declan goes through a transformation in the book that frees him from all the baggage that he’s been carrying around for 10 years.    I’m sure that there is always something about yourself that you are self conscious of or you don’t like (whether it is something that has happened in your past or something about yourself physically).   And sometimes, you can get obsessed about it so much that it consumes you. But learning to like yourself for who you are and how you got there is probably one of the most freeing experiences of your life.

Q: What personal experiences did you draw from in writing the book?

A: Some of the insecurities that Declan has throughout the book were derived from some of the insecurities that I had myself as a teenager.  And also the way that Declan’s heart glows whenever the love of his life is around, is a pretty close portrayal of how I feel about my wife.

Q: Who are some of your literary influences?

A: I’m a big paranormal fiction fan. A few of my favorite writers are Jim Butcher, Simon R. Green, Cassandra Clare, and Rick Riordan. Jim Butcher has definitely influenced some of the ways I write my fight scenes in the book as his books are always so packed with supernatural action.  And Simon R. Green always has such witty characters that are very unique.  And Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan simply have a way of creating a world that draws you in.  These are all amazing writers and I really hope that one day I can attain their level of excellence

Q: What kind of day job do you have and how does it influence your writing?

A: Well, my career actually went through quite a bit of changes during the timeframe when I was writing the book.  I was a Senior Mechanical Engineer managing R&D projects in the Gas Turbine industry when I started writing the book, and  had a job change to Project Engineer managing service projects in the Wind Turbine industry.  Finally, when I had finished the book, I became an IT Project Manager.  I guess these transitions helped me develop a lot the of the characters in my book.  When I working in the Turbine industries, I had a chance to travel a lot and it allowed me to meet all kinds of people with different backgrounds.  This inspired me to create a good set of unique and diverse characters.

Q: Does having a background in IT help you in promoting your book?

A: I feel that in today’s society, practically everything is moving into the virtual world.  A majority of book promotions nowadays are done through Social Media. Although, I’m currently in the IT industry, I actually only got a Twitter account a couple weeks ago and I’m still wondering “what…how do I do…?”  And I’m realizing what hard work it really is to keep up with Social Media.  People who are posting all the time, amazes me.  I tried to keep up with Facebook and twitter one day, and I was like “this needs to be a full time job…”

A: What is your weirdest San Francisco story?

Actually, I can’t really remember too much about San Francisco because I was so young; however, the weirdest story my family told was about the house we were living in.  They were all convinced that the house was haunted and whatever lived there was set on breaking up our family.  We only lived there for a couple months; thank God!  But I don’t really remember any of it.

A: Do you think you have to write books in series to be successful nowadays?

No, I don’t think that is necessary.  However, I enjoy a book series because you get a better chance of seeing how the characters grow and become very dynamic.  Also, I love and hate the anticipation of finding out more of the plot while waiting for the next book to come out.
Q: Why do you think stories about paranormal activities are so popular?

A: I think that people are always going to be interested in things that they don’t really understand.  We are a very curious specie.  Whatever we can’t see and touch daily, makes us ponder and sparks our imagination.

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An Interview With Spiritual Consultant And Author Cher Slater Barlevi


Cher Slater Barlevi is a spiritual consultant and the author of the book DOG of GOD: The Novel, here is a link to her website:



Q: What does a spiritual consultant do?


A: As we step into the new paradigm it can be a bumpy road because every thing that we knew before doesn’t seem to work or bring us satisfaction any longer. This paradigm is referred to the Age of Aquarius, where we are the stepping from the 3rd and 4th dimensions into the 5th. I am a Way Shower; as a clairvoyant, I am able to see through that curtain that separates us from the Otherside and share what I see. An enormous amount of souls are awakening now;  they are confused and  thirsty for the knowledge and guidance, and that is where a spiritual consultant comes in



Q: What qualifies one for the job?


A: I have been preparing for this consciousness movement for more than 40 years, culminating my learning with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. With my peers and fellow students, we are gathering a community of awakened souls to carry and share a new way of learning, teaching, healing, and being.


Dog of God: the Novel transports the reader into the 5th dimension or (the Otherside) through the eyes of a dog wanting to know what and how to heal people; all the while healing his confused understanding of human life. His guide is the all knowing: THE VOICE…the inner voice, that we all have. The path to healing and enlightenment is to learn how to trust this Voice within implicitly. And to discern when you are listening to the Voice (your God-self) and not your ego-self.


Excerpt from the book:







In the space where there are no words – I am.

Although I understand every language ever created.


I dwell here also without ‘time’ to lead me astray.

I know no ‘space’ to make me large or small.


I only know what is… Is.

Is-ness exists only in my knowing, yet I can know

All at one time. Because that is all there is.


I love intensely.

I only know love.

I am love.


I look for humor everywhere

and look upon humor is the greatest healer.

But what is healing?

Healing is returning to our innate perfection.

Healing is the perfect teacher of Souls.

I am the caretaker of Souls.

They are the caretakers of Me.


We are one.


I speak softly most often.

Sometimes I need to yell.

I am the voice.



Q: What are soul paintings?


A: Since I was a child I was able to see the soul of the person upon meeting them for the first time. When I paint with the person in mind, magical things appear on my canvas, unexplained things having to do with the mission and direction that Divine Being has come here to learn and do in the human experience. Information comes in symbols sometimes, or it comes in what looks like a story in a painting  It always surprises me to see images, guides, and family members who magically appear in the paintings with information that they want to convey. I am able to create paintings for clients which have messages to do with the mission of their particular soul.


Q: How do you go about creating one?


A: Usually I am commissioned by someone with a strong intention to know about their mission they’ve come to employ here on this Earth. Then I set a strong intention and go into a meditative state, asking the Ascended Masters to lead me in my painting. I paint a representation of the images that I see during the meditation.


Q: Who is John of God?


A: Joao De Dues, (Medium John of God) is a world-renowned Brazilian psychic surgeon who has been healing millions of people from all over the world, for over 45 years. To him, I owe my life the quality I have now. I was walking two canes after a car accident and looking at a life of being a cripple and in pain for the rest of my life. John of God was able to help me construct the life that I truly wanted to live — being able to hike, to bike, to dance. And all of it, without any pain whatsoever. The things that I experienced and learned through this journey made it possible to write my 1st novel:

DoG of GoD: the novel

a wild romp through magical worlds


Q: How did you come to meet and work with him?


A: I run in an informed crowd. Anything new and unusual in the healing modalities, are at my fingertips and hearing shot, at all times. When I was told that I would have to live my life as a cripple, in immense pain for the rest of my life;  I chose to look into to the unconventional ways of healing. Shortly after, a friend of mine happened to call and tell me that she had just heard about John God; she had 11 surgeries due to an infection in her jaw.  She’d been told the 12th surgery was going to be very close to her brain and she opted to go work with John God…She invited me to go with her and one of God’s angels was introduced into my life to help me heal. I listened, and acted. I came to him walking on 2 canes and after 2 weeks left without any.  Likewise my friend was spared the 12th operation.


John of God brings hope to the hopeless. John of God brings a connection to the possibilities extended to us from other dimensions. And John of God’s loyalty to this mission is beyond all measure. When I was there, I met a little dog (Xico) that was a little dog renowned the village in Brazil where I went to work with John of God for healing. The experience with Xico inspired me to write my novel, and use my ability to “see” dimensions of Spirit, to help explain and bring alive the profound healing that John of God facilitates.


Q: How much of your Dog of God: The Novel, is real and how much is fictionalized?


A: DOG OF GOD is based on true facts. I just was asked by John of God to change the names and places. The book appears as fiction because it’s written in a non-conventional way. Like most works of Fiction, there is a large river of truth that feeds the characters and situations.


Q: You say you wrote it in an unconventional style; how so?


A: Well, I have written most of the book in dialogue and I have coined new words in the creative language of the dolphins .It is written in a very experiential way, so that the reader feels like they are in a film. I take readers way out of the box and into spiritual dimensions beyond the physical plain and refer to it as the real Reality. The storyteller speaks…with incomplete sentences, run on sentences, and no punctuation except periods, question marks, commas, and double dashes—and maybe an explanation mark here and there


The book is referred to as unconventional…or just plain weird…or a heck of a lot of fun!   I love breaking rules, like most of us ‘Boomers’ do.


Q: What other kinds of jobs have you had and how did they effect your ability to pursue your current career?


A: Right now iI am traveling all over the world promoting my book. That rocks! Before novel writing I was a screenwriter for 12 years in Hollywood. Screenwriting has always been my passion–I love telling stories that are reality based. The up and down grind of show biz became something that was holding me back as an artist; which caused me to look at writing the novel. I’m just doing the same thing only in a different form; and with a much larger venue. The space of a novel is vast, you can go anywhere with it. I love that freedom.


I would like to return to writing screenplays, and fortunately a couple of opportunities are knocking at my door. I have passion for writing, I love what I do and I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life; it fills me with an appreciation for being alive.



Q: What are some of the children’s books you have written?


A: I illustrated the award winning SPOOKY HAND MYSTERY with Children’s press.

I illustrated THE MERRY GO ROUND (Children’s press) and teen text books…one being, an ALGEBRA TEXT book that had a sense of humor.

I worked with Toddy Fields and Jeremy Tarcher on her humorous coffee table book.

And… I have a number of unpublished books that I’ve written, but sit in my art studio because I’m the illustrator…on tour…all over the world. So much awaits me. I will NEVER be bored!

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)


An Interview With Lets Fly Academy Founder Matthew Martino



Matthew Martino is the founder of Lets Fly Academy he is also the founder of Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund or MMBF which provides sponsorships and grants to aspiring pilots and young film-makers worldwide; here is a link to his website:


Q: What is Lets Fly Academy?

A: Lets Fly Academy is an aviation consultancy and training firm I set up in 2012, its based in London but we serve aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide, we provide information on pilot courses and also provide assistance for pilots seeking funding as well as working with pilot training organisations to arrange training courses and open days. Our goal is to get everyone flying.

Q: What made you want to be a pilot?

A: It was just being able to explore something different, from when I was in Africa I often looked up and saw planes flying past and this always intrigued me and since my first flight in a Cessna 152 I just enjoyed the freedom being in the air brought, it’s amazing! Although I’m not a commercial pilot right now I enjoy being able to go up and fly every now and again it’s a good hobby.

Q: What inspired you to start the MMBF Trust?

A: I think my biggest inspiration was seeing how far I’ve come and thinking of all the assistance and support I received in my early years I thought its high time I give back. Im not where I want to be yet buy I’ve been brought up and taught to share hence why I’ve decided to form something charitable and give back to the future generation who I’m sure with the right support will go far.

Q: How does one go about starting a charity?

A: Starting a charity is mostly about first having a mission of what your charity wants to achieve, getting help in terms of Trustees onboard and then you will need to register with the appropriate bodies if you want to fundraise or earn public funding but for private funded charities such as MMBF its then down to making sure that you use the funds to work towards the objectives that you have set. When running a charity its also important to realise that its not a business so profit isn’t the object but impact is.

Q: How did your charity become involved with the Colchester Film Festival?

A: I can’t claim all the glory for the Colchester Film Festival award we introduced that was spearheaded by Sharon from my HQ. We teamed up with them to introduce a Rising Star Award at their festival this year and the award is there to empower a young filmmaker or actor who has shown potential and I personally hope the award gives them confidence and a reward for all their hard work.

Q: What made you connect flying with filmmaking?

A: Well it was quite a hard connection but I made it work, flying was my first love and when I first bean working on films and then producing it did at times make me feel like I was abandoning my flying. What I am now able to do is incorporate my flying when I make films I often try and make sure there is some aerial shots and I always try and sneak in a cheeky helicopter shot as well.

Q: How can people overcome their fear of flying?

A: Fear of flying is mostly a mental condition, if you channel your thoughts towards the positives of flying you will be fine. I used to be scared of flying as I would think ‘what if’ this and ‘what it’ that and as soon as I stopped thinking that way my confidence grew.

Q: What do filmmakers miss when making movies about flying?

A: I think most filmmakers miss the technicality of flying and also keeping it realistic. A few flying or aviation based films I’ve watched even recently will often have their crew saying the wrong thing at take-off or their pilots will be dressed up in the wrong format – for a film its fine as most people don’t know what happens in the cockpit but when I watch these films I want to scream.

Q: Do you think life is better or worse for the average citizen in Zimbabwe since gaining its independence from Britain?

A: From what my parents and relatives have told me life is a little worse now, of course before independence there was arguments that Zimbabweans didn’t get the good jobs or hierarchy as jobs were snapped up by the British but now just getting a job in Zimbabwe can prove tough let alone a good job.

Q: The Great Waldo Pepper or Top Gun?

A: It’s always going to be Top Gun all the way, Tom Cruise carries that role and I like how the story not only involved his passion for aviation but his passion for his instructor, it’s a good old aviation romance film.

Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Writer Theron Moore


Theron Moore is the author of The Kill Sisters and Gangsters, Harlot’s and Thieves; here is a link to his website:





Q: What is The Kill Sisters about?


A: Here’s the nuts and bolts: Two girls, one vampire, one human, team up to retrieve an ancient, powerful book called the Necronomicon but there’s a problem, it’s a setup. The Angels of Death and Vengeance confront Jewel warning her to leave the book alone but Vengeance has a more personal message, holding her responsible for the death of her family as well as her own, and the reason she returned as an Angel of Vengeance — to kill Jewel.


Our anti-heroes Jewel (vampire) and Helen Bells, aka, “Hell’s Bells” (human) find themselves in situations involving an Elvis impersonator who owns a roller derby team and secretly runs a zombie farm in Austin Texas, Jewel’s ex- partner Black No. 9 who betrayed her and took control of her covert group “The Brood” otherwise known as “The Men in Black,” and a slightly insane New York pathologist who dabbles in ghoulish Frankenstein like activities as well as re-animation experiments much like his father the famed Dr. Herbert West. And if that’s not enough there’s also a stargate involved as well. Locations in the book include New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Mexico.


I wanted to showcase strong female leads, play down the often played out vampire angle which I personally think has been done to death, excuse the pun, go character based with storylines that appeal to people who want a thick meaty plot as opposed to the two dimensional nonsense you get with vampire diaries and movies like twilight which just bore me to death. How about a movie that appeals to adults and not the teen set? You get that with this book. And more.


I wrote this book with Quentin Tarentino and Robert Rodriguez in mind. I wanted the book to play out like Pulp Fiction. I stacked it full of pop culture references that only a killer fan would recognize ranging from literary to movies to music. If you get what im writing, you’re my reader.



Q: Why do you think vampire books are so popular?


A: They always have been popular going back to Bram Stoker. Why? Interest in the supernatural, romance, the combination of both. Anne Rice nailed it with her “Interview…” books. We love vampires because they’re anti-hero’s, they’re bad boys. Chicks dig that shit, guys wanna be that. In the last ten years there’s been renewed interest in all things occult and beyond because Hollywood re-created that industry and sold it to us and now we can’t get enough of it. God bless because I wanna sell books!


Q: What make’s Jewel different from other Vampires?


A: Honestly, she’s no different. She’s in it for power, greed and dominance and won’t stop at anything to attain it. The only obstacle in her path is Hell’s Bells. She made a friend and now she cares. That was a big time NO-NO on her part but it happened. Now she has to figure it out, deal with it and get it in line with her original agenda. Question is, does HB fit into her plan or not?




Q: What is a central theme in all of your books?


A: Book 1: Sisterhood & friendship amongst characters who have serious trust and anger issues. Books 2 +: Hells Bells / Jewel / Damien West, can they all co – exist with each other in this seemingly out control world dominated by conspiracy theory, UFOlogy and an impending (or is it?) apocalypse or can they remain dedicated to each other and not split and and plot against each other or worse yet….kill?



Q: Who are some of your literary influences?


A: H.P. Lovecraft, #1 influence; Edgar Allen Poe & Samuel Taylor Coleridge.



Q: What is Gangsters, Harlot’s and Thieves about?


A: Biographical account of my father’s upbringing in a skid row joint in the 40’s and 50’s in an obscure Northern Illinois town named Freeport. Hardcore, honest, pulls no punches. Gangsters, harlots and thieves is what the book is about and my dad’s experiences growing up around them. I tell my father’s story through his own voice and essays / poetry. If you dig “Sin City” by Frank Miller you’ll like this book only this is the REAL deal.



Q: What inspired you to write a story set in the forties?


A: My story is NOT set in the 40’s. It’s set in the present day but I have chapters where I go back in time and tell a particular characters story / origin. Everything happens present day and it’s predominantly based in NYC as opposed to Austin TX which I keep hearing which I don’t freakin’ understand…



Q: What’s the most unusual thing you have done to promote your book?


A: Unusual or REGRETFUL? Rather not say. Next question.



Q: What kind of day job (or income source) do you have and how does it influence your writing?


A: I do IT work. The tech aspect does influence me quite a bit because that’s the part I dig and just eat up, I read as much as I can and yeah, that does influence me.



Q: If you could meet Dracula or Nosferatu who would you pick and why?


A: I’d go Drac. I know I’m gonna die so why not party in the castle and hang out with hot vamp chicks before my inevitable happens, right? Plus knowing Dracula I can bargain with him and maybe, just maybe convince him to make me immortal which I want!



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Actor Paul Williams





Paul Williams is an aspiring actor from Pennsylvania, here is a link to his Twitter page:



Q: What made you interested in acting?




A: I became interested in acting when I was young and my grandfather showed me the Indiana Jones films. I wantes to be an adventurer then a teacher and an archeologist like Harrison Ford played for these films so growing up I was clueless as to what I wanted to do fulltime or permanently and decided why not do them all.

Q: What kind of acting jobs have you had since you have been in LA?

A: Since I came to LA June 11th have worked background for 4 feature films. Feature films with big budgets and named talent actors involved. I’ve done many auditions for other films to music videos and ended up straying towards auditions to model.

Q: What kind of day job (or income source) do you have and how does it effect your pursuit of acting?

A: Right now I don’t have a set job nor income, I do anything from acting gigs to working contracting and remodeling within a business that a friend owns. Moneys tight and sometimes I just cant make it to an audition but I don’t let it stop me from trying.

Q: What kind of training have you had?

A: To this day I have never had training. I’ve thought about classes but will only push the issue if its absolutely necessary to that project.

Q: To what method of acting to you ascribe?

A: I came here not knowing what I can do and what role I was good for but so far I have found that the gritty bad guy look plays well into my favor. After portraying a prisoner to bar patrons or a jerk at a party I found that when something works, why not go with it.

Q: What famous screen role could you have nailed?



A: I think many episodes of Breaking Bad with scenes that Aaron Paul or Bryan Cranston have done I can come close to pulling off.  I even shaved my head, wore glasses and had a goatee one year and was told many times I looked like Walter White.



Q: What makes an actor a movie star?

A: Honestly, I can’t say what makes an actor a movie star. It all comes down to the hype of the movie and what role is played in that movie. It also comes down to the public. Without the public actors are nothing. Just your everyday performers. The public is what makes a celebrity. Otherwise your just another struggling name in the business.

Q: Why do you think so many people want to be actors?

A: Some want to become actors just for the sheer attention, others do it as a hobby and others have a passion so strong that they want to make a career from it which is what I’m striving for.

Q: What do you miss about Pennsylvania?

A: I miss everything about Pa from the rainy days to the snow and forest. The forest was a place to hike and explore and being here in California is a huge life style change for me because all I know is thousands of miles away. Prices are steep, days are very hot and then there’s the desert. I also miss all my friends and family. Everyday is a battle alone to not give up and go home.

Q: What’s your strangest Los Angeles story?

A: My strangest and most horrible experience in LA was when I was short on cash and had know where to rest my head for the night. I fell asleep below a tree along the street and woke up later infested in ants and roaches. It was so unbearable I ended up climbing the tree to get some quick shut eye.


Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Film Director Lorenzo Raveggi


Lorenzo Raveggi is an Italian director and producer whose latest film is The Botticelli Murders; here is a link to his IMDB page:


Q: What is The Botticelli Murders about?

A:  Botticelli Murders is a Florence based movie based collocated by apart on the real story of the painter Sandro Botticelli and his time (the Renaissance), mixed with a thriller ambiented during our century.
A Florentine woman commissioner that investigates on murders at Botticelli’s time.

Q: What made you want to produce it?

A:  It’s a great story very intense. I like to producing and co-producing my scripts and projects.

Q: What was the most challenging this about producing the film?

A:  The most challenging is the bureaucratic and political Italian ways to raise fundings by apart.
By another part is difficult way to live besides Sorrentino or Tornatore when you have only a name like Lorenzo Raveggi but you afford to doing these great stories on great historical or religious themes with such beautiful scripts or eclectical shootings.
Many production or distribution companies do not know how to proceed themselves facing very good scripts that do not own to their favorite names. Many times they think that to participate financing such type of movies, or directors, or movies or producers it could be similar to abuse such names or much other…

Q: What was it about Natassia Malthe that made you think she would be a good Mara Young?

A:  Mara Young is an eclectical European/aesthetic outline of a very good interpreter of knowing secret societies and its stories.
Natassia is very prepared on this, too. She has an acute intelligence. Miss Malthe is a very good actress beside to be a great person, too.

Q: What is your oddest onset story?

A:  I have many oddest stories we could together write a book on them.

Q: Who are some of your artistic influences?

A:  I have no artistic influences. My influences (good ones) depend only by God. My perfect Master!

Q: What do you think are some of the differences between American audiences and Italian audiences?

A:  Now, it is time of Sci-fi, horror movies, many with effects of all genres. But it’s time to come back to our history and religious type of movies. We have to rediscover our history, religion and ethical values.

Q: What would you change about the Italian film industry?

A:  I would change many things. Bureaucratic situations and creative ones too. Come back to Italian culture, remember what does it mean Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, artistic things, artisan creations etc..

Q: What sets you apart as a director?

A:  I am a creative writer/thinker, an actor. I love the nature, classic music and all beautiful things God created on Earth.

Q: Why do you think Botticelli’s work has stood the test of time?
A:  Botticelli was born in the Renaissance Florentine period but if you see all the magnificent he created that has no time you can understand without problem that all the wonderful authors that lived in that period were Blessed by God!



Please note; Eliza’s interviews are done by email. All answers are unedited and come right from the lovely fingertips of her subjects:)

An Interview With Fastwalkers Producer Robert D. Miles

bob miles

Robert D. Miles is the producer of the UFO documentary Fastwalkers who claims to have had an alien encounter himself; here is a link to his website:



Q: What is Fastwalkers about?

A: Fastwalkers, reveals the truth about UFOs and Extraterrestrials that has been suppressed and hidden for centuries. Fastwalker is a code word created by NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) to classify (UFOs) unidenti-fied flying objects which approach our Earth from space and enter our atmosphere. It has been reported that from its subterranean facility deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, USA, the Air Force NORAD facility tracks around average of 500 of these Fastwalkers each year. For the first time,

Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing UFO photos and footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts who focus on pro-viding a “World View” of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what “we are told is happening.” Now you can see and hear the people that the governments of the world never wanted you to meet. Fastwalkers provides astounding revelations by the world’s foremost authorities including Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O. Dean, Dr. Michael Salla, Stanton T. Friedman, Alfred L. Webre, John Greenwald Jr., Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Richard Boylan, Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, A. J. Gevaerd, Sean David Morton, Graham E. Bethune, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, James W. Deardorff, Phd., Robert M. Wood PhD, Charles Hall, Richard Dolan, Steven Jones, Rob Simone, Don Ware, Richard Giordano, James Courant, Dolores Cannon, Maurice Osborn, David Coote, Stoyan Cheresharov, Daniel Munioz, Lisa Davis, Bruce Jessop, Robert Miles, Alan G.Toleman, Jutta Savill; and is hosted by Erika Jessop.

Fastwalkers was produced in association with the Safespace News Agency. The Safespace News Agency has been established on the premise that THE MAINSTREAM NEWS IS THE COVER-UP! Major topics currently open to investigation are UFOs and Alien phenomena, Chemtrails, International Conspiracies including Banking, Bloodlines, Health, and other cover-

ups of any nature that affects the people of our planet.

Fastwalkers heralds in the advent of “Exopolitics” and “Disclosure.” Fastwalkers unmasks the web of lies, and disinformation that the Governments of the world do not want you to know! Fastwalkers allows you to hear first hand contactees, experiencers, and abductees as they share their amazing testimonies! Fastwalkers, the first film of an ongoing series, was created in the style of an “INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING,” and has worldwide, on the spot coverage of “Hot Spots, and Current Happenings”. Our approach of using actual interviews, provided by world reknown and respected individuals in a variety of fields of expertise has allowed us to expose that there is a “hidden agenda” currently being extolled to viewers by the global mainstream media.

For additional information, media kit, digital photos, media player and QuickTime trailers and interview clips please visit www.fastwalkers.com

Q: What inspired you to make it?

A: I made the film due to my own contact experience which led me to my mission of TV and film. I had certainty that people everywhere would want to know what is being covered up by the governments of the world.

Q: You say you were invited to ride on an alien space ship, how did you get invited?

A: An extraordinary event occurred in my life a little over thirty years ago. At the time, I lived aboard a sailboat, a forty-seven-foot trimaran. This modern three-hulled vessel had been built by my partner and me in Portland, Oregon, and sailed down the Oregon-California coast in the spring of 1968. After several months in San Diego, California, we sailed on to Hawaii, a voyage of over twenty-four hundred miles. This sailboat was our home for over two years.

Early one morning just a couple of minutes after five a.m., I looked out the open skylight from my bunk at the beautiful early morning sky. The sailboat was tied to a dock in the Alawi Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had gotten up a littler earlier, dressed, made coffee, and then returned to stretch out on my bunk. My mind was filled with the events of the coming day. My partner and I had just sold the boat, and the new owner would take possession within a few hours.

Suddenly, I experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed me. My entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to my bed. My first reaction was, of course, to believe that I was dreaming or perhaps hallucinating.
She spoke to me and took my hand. In a matter of moments, I came to understand that she was real and much more alive than I. The energy aura that she emanated made my entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. I asked, “Why have you come to visit me?” She replied, “Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing.” Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred.

First, I was teleported to New York City. I then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give me and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth’s history. They also showed us a dramatic and vivid view of humankind’s potential destiny. After the briefing, I was asked to undertake a mission. I agreed to publish a story about my experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us.

Upon returning to the sailboat, I realized that only thirty-three minutes had passed. However, from my personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. To this day I remain convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.

Of course, there is more to my experience than I have written in this brief account. Much of it is contained within the SafeSpace book which I published in 2003. Some of that story is fact, and some of it is fiction. If you attended this briefing or a similar one, or if you would simply like to help make a Safespace possible, I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted on the web at www.safespaceproject.com.

Robert D. Miles October 2006 rdm@safespaceproject.com

Q: What did the aliens look like?

A: These individuals looked like ordinary human types. The main differences were that their energy field was extremely high probably three times that of an ordinary human. They radiated this intense resonate frequency of energy each time I was in their presence.

Q: Why do you think they picked you?

A: I think they picked me because I have memories of earlier childhood experiences with encounters and I think that I was picked out to do my mission at an early age. Perhaps it is destiny or my fate even.

Q: You design boats, did your alien experience teach you anything about design?

A: Yes my boat designs were effected in a very significant way in that they became and extension of my person. When ever I design a vessel I just seem to know what it should be shipped like and it sizes and proportions.

Q: Where did the aliens take you (what did it look like)?

A: I was taken to the planet Jupiter for my briefng. I was magificant with intense energy and radiant colors that impacted my entire being. It was incredible and each time I focus on these things I can still feel this energy.

Q: What did the interior of the ship look like?

A: The interior of the spacecraft looked like a very plush first class cabin area. There were two seats side by side and they were done in a velvet like plush material. Between the seats was a set of digidal counters and this was long before they were invented and put in use here on Earth.

Q: How were the aliens able to survive in our atmosphere?

Q: They had absolutely no problem with our atmosphere and they have any number of bases here on Earth with shuttles coming and going daily to the outer planets. All of the stuff the governments put out are a lie and they come and go at will or at least the civilization that I delt with do. Their may be other space faring civilizations that are very different however.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in getting your films made?

A: As usual the major barrier was funding and ultimately myself and my partners funded the film FASTWALKERS ourselves as I have continued to do throughout my film making ventures.

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